How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three to Five Years

Speeding tickets are given to people who go against the speeding limits that are already predetermined by the state. It is to keep a check on the rash driving that happens.



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For the safety and security of the citizens, a set of rules are in place regarding vehicles on roads. Since there are so many accidents that happen due to cars and bikes running at high speed. To avoid accidents, a driver is charged with a ticket when driving at a very high speed.

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How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

The government has records about every individual. These records are mostly based on the Social Security number that every citizen in the country poses. Anything and everything that a person does gets recorded against their name. It can be anything like taking a loan or breaking the law.

Speeding over the limit while driving is an offense for which a person has to pay a penalty. When the offense is repeated multiple times, it adversely affects the social security status of a person. It gets on record and stays on record for quite a long time.

When a person has such offenses on record, it becomes harder for them to get fair rates on car insurance. It can also have other impacts like the driving license being suspended. The effects depend on the counts of the offenses, the speed at which the person was driving, etc. 

The speeding ticket can stay on record anywhere from three years to five years. The period for which it will stay on the record also depends on which state the speeding ticket was issued in. Usually, in all the states, the DMV has a point system for any person who commits a driving offense or violates a traffic rule. These points decide how long the offense will stay on the record.

Multiple offenses will increase the number of years for which the speeding offense will stay on the record.

Offense DurationNo. of Years In Record
MinimumThree years
Maximum Five years

Why Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record For So Long?

It is by law that any criminal or illegal activity gets recorded in the person’s name. The main objective is to identify the person in case something similar happens again. Speeding beyond the driving limit may not be a criminal activity but is an offense. 

There are several reasons why a Speeding ticket can be on a person’s record for about three to five years. The reasons are as follows:

  • The primary reason is the point system that every state follows. Each time a person gets a speeding ticket, points are allocated to their name. These points can increase over time with other charges too. Once the person is charged with a speeding ticket, they pay a fine, and then they have to take on classes for driving and traffic rules. These actions will slowly reduce the points and time on record.
  • The person is given three to five years to become better at driving. Since the number of years on record for an offense like speeding or DUI can affect the premium that a person has to pay, people try to drive better and eventually reduce these points.
  • Many people drive under the driving limit to avoid getting a speeding ticket on the record to avoid the consequences that come with each ticket being on record for so long.


Reckless driving and speeding more than the mentioned limit can cause a lot of problems. These problems can be for the driver as well as for other cars on the road. Sometimes even pedestrians can be affected because of rash driving. To avoid harm to people, and public and private properties due to accidents, speeding tickets are added to a person’s record.

If a person has too many speeding tickets to their name, it is also possible that the DMV can suspend or cancel their license altogether to avoid major accidents. If the person follows all traffic rules over time, they may apply for a driving license again, once their name is clear in the records.


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