How Long Does Plagiarism Stay On Your Record – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Permanent

Plagiarising terms, words, sentences, ideas, and many such things is considered to be a crime and it can be on your record permanently. Well, in simple words plagiarism means copying from someone else’s work.

Different institutions will have different rules for plagiarising things and if caught then it could lead to serious trouble. However, to avoid any kind of plagiarism you have to keep certain things in mind like using a plagiarism checker, understanding a text and writing it on your own, and citing your sources.

How Long Does Plagiarism Stay On Your Recor

How Long Does Plagiarism Stay On Your Record?

Plagiarism or plagiarising is a serious issue and it is also considered to be a crime. Plagiarism can be detected in every work because there are plagiarism checkers available. Well, plagiarism is mostly found in articles, documents, and other written formats because copied sentences are found in them.

It is necessary for students, researchers, and every people to check their documents, articles, and such things for plagiarism because even Google does not allow any plagiarism content as it violates their rules and regulations. According to some sources, plagiarism stays on your record permanently.

Why Does Plagiarism Stay That Long On Your Record?

Plagiarism stays permanent and there could be many reasons as to why. Some of the reasons are as the following:

  1. For Making Decisions: say suppose you have plagiarised something from someone and you get caught but then onwards you never plagiarise any other stuff then the higher authorities will check your plagiarism background and can make decisions as to how you have improved your skills.
  2. Consequences on your grades: plagiarism stays permanently on your record as there are consequences on your grades because different institutes have different rules for plagiarism. Plagiarism on your record means people can judge you for that as the record remains permanent.
  3. For maintaining discipline: discipline is one of the important factors that help a person to maintain a strict plagiarism rule. Once plagiarism is on your record then there is no removing that as it will constantly remind you to stay on your track and not copying anything from others. However, it is considered to be a crime by many institutions to copy from others.


Plagiarising is not a good thing at all because it is an unfair means of creating something by copying or getting ideas from other sources. Well, if you want uniqueness in your work then it is important that you create your own as your mind is your biggest weapon to avoid plagiarism.

However, plagiarism can still get detected if your idea is somewhat similar to others. It is then you take help from online plagiarism checkers like Grammarly Plagiarism checker and many others. Many plagiarism checkers are available on the internet for free so there should be no trouble finding a good checker. Remember to be careful whenever you think of copying from other sources as it can get you expelled too.


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