How Long Does TSA Precheck Last (And Why)?

How Long Does TSA Precheck Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Five Years

When a person is supposed to board a flight, they need to be at the airport hours prior for all processes like screening, baggage check, immigration inspection, and security inspection. This process can take a lot of time and patience. More often, for a person who flies frequently.

To make the process faster for frequent flyers and other elite members, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) came forward with TSA Precheck. TSA Precheck is a trusted travelers program that was introduced in December 2013. Seventy-three airlines are now a part of this program.

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How Long Does TSA Precheck Last?

TSA Precheck is a membership where travelers get benefits of faster physical screening. TSA Precheck is a government authorized program that a frequent flyer takes advantage of by becoming a member. This membership can last for a few years.

To be a member of TSA Precheck, a flyer needs to complete an application process. After the application process is completed, there is a background check. Once a person clears the background check, a number is allotted to them that can be used when booking a flight.

There are no specific requisites to become a member of the TSA Precheck. The person wishing to be a member should be a legal and permanent resident of the U.S. A person needs to fill the form, and pay $85 as a fee, and can enjoy the benefits under TSA Precheck. It includes no need of removing jackets, etc for security checks. Also, the members can carry their laptops and certain TSA-approved liquids onboard.

The TSA Precheck membership is for the term of five years. Once the time of the membership for TSA Precheck ends, it can be renewed with a standard fee. Sometimes the price tends to go down to attract more members to renew the membership. The TSA Precheck gets renewed for the same price and a period of five years.

Membership TypePeriod for which the TSA Precheck Last
New MembershipFive Years
Renewed MembershipFive Years

Why Does TSA Precheck Last That Long?

TSA Precheck provides a calm and hassle-free experience to its members before they board the flight. The flyer can directly go to the designated TSA Precheck line to avoid the long queue and the time-consuming security inspection. There are various reasons as to why the membership of TSA Precheck lasts for five years, and the reasons are as follows:

  • The primary reason is the frequency of travel a flyer does. Not every person flies daily. To cover the people who travel at least once every five years, the period of membership of TSA Precheck is kept at five years. This way, the members get a complete advantage even if they do not travel out daily.
  • Besides TSA Precheck, there are several other players in the market like GlobalEntry or Clear. They provide similar benefits at a slightly different rate. Amongst the other options, TSA Precheck gives the best prices and the highest number of years as the validity. By keeping the membership period five years, TSA Precheck can attract a lot of frequent flyers. It also helps that it is a government-administered program.
  • Five-year membership is preferred by a lot of frequent flyers, as they do not have to worry about renewing the membership every year or after every two years. The member can fly at peace for about five years without thinking to renew the membership.
  • TSA Precheck is for five years so that the member can have a complete experience of the services that they get with TSA Precheck. It helps them in making a proper decision at the time of renewing the membership.


There are many advantages that a person can experience as a TSA Precheck member. Besides, the application process is online. Even the renewal process can be done online in just under 15 minutes.

TSA Precheck lanes are present at almost all international airports. However, the flyer should be aware that they still might have to undergo a complete screening at the discretion of the TSA agent. When it comes to the competition, the prices are low, and the validity is higher. It makes TSA Precheck the most selected choice of service.


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