How Long Does a Washer Take (And Why)?

How Long Does a Washer Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 50 – 75 minutes

A washer has many names. It is called a washing machine, clothes washer, laundry machine, and numerous other names. Nowadays most people have washers in their own homes. It’s one of the most integral parts of the home since it reduces human effort in washing clothes.

These were invented hundreds of years ago, as early as 1767 during which a guy named Jacob Christian Schäffer invented the first machine. But the patented version of this machine was available in 1797. This was brought out by Nathaniel Briggs. Over the years many inventors developed and updated the washer to the current modern-day state-of-the-art machine.

How Long Does a Washer Take

How Long Does a Washer Take?

Type of WasherDuration
Top Load60 – 85 minutes
Front Load70 – 120 minutes

The time taken to wash clothes by a washer can vary with the type of machine and the company that makes them. Many companies integrate many useful features into a washer for quick washing of clothes and to make them bacteria-free. But these high-end washing machines demand more money. Most people refrain from buying expensive washers as they don’t expect the additional features.

An average top-load washer takes anywhere from 60 – 85 minutes to complete a wash cycle. This is the most commonly used type of washer. This is because it’s less expensive and cost-effective when compared to front load washers.
An average front load washer has a wash cycle of 70 – 120 minutes. The additional time taken by these machines is because of the additional features these offers.

The amount of time taken by a washer can also vary because of the number of clothes that are put inside it. The type of cloth inside the machine also matters. This is because different types of clothes different types of washing methods along with the different types of wash timings and the amount of water needed also varies.

The lengthy process of washing is good for the clothes as they help in taking out the stain completely. This ensures that the clothes taken out from the washer are without stain and bad odor. Washers of different brands have the mode for selection for lengthy washing and quick washing. They also can select the amount of water level used for washing.

Why Does it Take Long for a Washer?

The amount of time taken by washer is long for some people and for some others they are not too long. Many a time people fill the washer to the brim of the machine thereby making it difficult for the machine to properly process the clothes that are put inside it.

The amount of water selected for the wash and the number of clothes that are needed to be put in the washer should be in the correct appropriate ratio to get the maximum optimized output. The right amount of research should be done to tackle this matter.

Another factor is the presence of Fully-automatic and Semi-Automatic washers. The usage of a fully automatic washer helps in cleaning the clothes faster as it does all the necessary functions done by an individual in a semi-automatic washer. Whereas, in a semi-automatic washer the individual needs to manually adjust the level of water and drain the excess water. Also, an individual should manually set up the dryer in the machine.

Recently, the time taken to wash clothes by a washer has gone up as compared to 10 years before. This is because the washers of this age utilize less water and electricity than the previous generation of washers to wash clothes. The side effect of lengthy hours of washing clothes can be neglected when the positive effects are taken into account.
The lengthy duration for washing is not a nuisance for many as most people wash their clothes with the help of fully automatic washers. Technology has advanced to such a stage that washers help in maintaining the clothes better while using less electricity and water.


A washer’s primary duty of washing clothes is still fulfilled to this day. But modern technology helps everyone to reduce the time they spend washing clothes.

The hectic lifestyle of our current generation has people having very little time in doing most tasks. The introduction of fully automatic washers is a boon. The amount of time and energy it saves for each individual is very much appreciable.

The washing cycle of the washers of this generation is going to get a lot less because of the advancement in technology. A foreseeable future in which every individual on the planet washes clothes without the usage of water is going to be a reality.


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