How Long Does a Dryer Take (And Why)?

How Long Does a Dryer Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About an Hour (+/- 15 Minutes)

Drying clothes is a big deal. And a cloth dryer is an important appliance that any person would definitely want in his life. No doubt they make our work much easier. But many a time it happens that we had just put up some clothes to dry, and after few minutes we feel that the clothes are still damp.

This brings up a thought in our mind that exactly how long does it take dryers to do the work. Also, the time duration varies a lot if there is some issue with the dryer.

How Long Does a Dryer Take

How Long Does a Dryer Take?

In general, an electric or gas dryer is expected to take somewhere between 35-50 minutes to dry an average load of clothes. And if the clothes consist of some heavy quilt or some thick towels, etc., the time duration further increases to 1 hour or more.

It is really important to know if the dryer takes too long to dry the clothes. It might be because of the quality of clothes that have been put up over there. Also, it could be because of some malfunctioning of the dryer which in turn might increase the energy cost or at most even lead to a house fire.

This high-use appliance is an important part of one’s life. But many a time, drying clothes tests our patience. If it’s a bath towel, it takes 25-35 minutes. Cotton clothes may take somewhere around 30 minutes.

But one may also try some steps to shorten the drying time. The first one is to clean the lint before every load. Overloading of the dryer is a big no if you want it to work fast. If overloaded, the garments will become a big ball of clothes that will lead to drying of only the outer edges of clothes.

Type of Loads in the DryerTime
Normal loads1 hour
Heavy loads like towels, quilts70-90 minutes
Light loads like cotton clothes, etc.25-30 minutes

Why Does It Take Dryers So Long?

While we know that an average load takes about 45-75 minutes, there are various reasons why the dryers take so long.

First of all, the type of fabric that has been put up in the dryer is going to affect the time duration. For example- a load of quilts and blankets is going to take much more time than the regular shirts and jeans.

Dryers can also take longer if there was some blockage in the vent pipe. Hence, it is important to clean the dryer, once in a while to avoid any blockage. Removing the metal or plastic box, the lint screen goes into, and cleaning the parts will do the work.

Secondly, there might be some issues with the airflow. Dryers require better airflow to work in an efficient manner. If the venting hose has some clogging, then the dryer may overheat and take time.

Thirdly, a broken heating part could also increase the drying time of the appliance significantly. In this case, it is advisable to check out the heating manual to check for the heating element and the changes which could be done to repair it. This might definitely make the dryers work faster.

Also, the faulty working of the thermostats or sensors is sometimes responsible for the improper functioning of the dryers. These increase the work time of the dryer considerably. If the user has put more than the load capacity, it might also increase the working time of the dryer by 20 minutes.


Dryers take somewhere around one hour to dry clothes. The type of loads may increase or decrease the time of drying. Many a time the dryer takes a long time to dry clothes. The reason for this has been mentioned earlier in the article.

Commercial dryers can do the work in just 20 minutes. The same thing would take 2 hours in the domestic dryers. Usually, a dryer takes a time duration of 35-50 minutes. However, a full load of clothes takes somewhere around 90 minutes.

Therefore, the duration of dryers varies considerably based on certain situations. However, a proper maintenance schedule will also help the dryers to work effectively.



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