How Long Does Accutane Take To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 to 10 days

Appearances matter to lot to most people, and some would go to extreme measures to preserve their looks. Sometimes, the face can deform due to natural causes, like pimples, scars, and acne. Though some pimples and acne heal as time passes and leave no scars, some do not and leave a permanent mark on the face. At times like this, people turn towards cosmetics and make-up to cover the marks temporarily, while some choose plastic surgery to modify their faces permanently.

There is also the other option, a better one, which is taking medicines. While some medicines get rid of pimples and acne marks, some prevent them, and some make the pimples burst and disappear. They are available in drug stores and pharmacies everywhere and one such medicine is Accutane, which is popularly recommended by many doctors, especially dermatologists since they skin well.

Just like every medicine, Accutane also takes a certain time to work and reach its peak. The Accutane will start working after taking it for about 7 to 10 days at regular intervals, and the skin will start showing visible effects after about 2 weeks. The effects will start peaking in about eight to twelve weeks.

How Long Does Accutane Take To Work

How Long Does Accutane Take To Work?

Accutane starts working in about7 to 10 days
Peak effects are visible in8 to 12 weeks
Visible results start showing in1 to 2 weeks

Accutane, which is the common name used for medicine created with isotretinoin. Accutane is an oral medication, that will shrink the oil glands, which is also biologically known as the sebaceous glands. When the glands shrink, the amount of oil the skin produces will decrease. When the amount of oil secreted will decreases, the pores will not get clogged. Clogged pores attract bacteria and keep them in the skin, which will cause severe acne and pimples. When the oil secretion decreases, it will also decrease the formation and secretion of sebum, which increases the growth of the acne easily.

When acne doesn’t respond to any sort of medication, it is better to try Accutane. Before taking a dose of Accutane, it is better to visit a physician and check if the person is a good candidate for taking the medicine. They are preferred by many people because they save people large sums of money wasted on make-up and other skin care treatment methods. Accutane is the name of the medicine with the active ingredient “isotretinoin”. Other popular brands of isotretinoin include Zenatane, Myorisan, Amnesteem, Sotret, Claravis, and Asorica.

Why Does Accutane Take That Long To Work?

When not administered properly, there can be terrible side effects, even for Accutane. It is better if the medicine is prescribed by a dermatologist. The effects of the medicine must also be monitored well throughout the entire time the medicine is being taken. Accutane is prescribed by doctors to people who have a severe case of acne, and to those who do not respond to other acne medicines.

Some people’s acne clears up just after a week the medicine is taken, and yet for some, it can take more than a week or so for the signs to clear up. Some people even experience a severe breakout of acne after taking the medicine, and they will need another round of isotretinoin if necessary. Isotretinoin is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children below the age of 12, people who are allergic to isotretinoin or soya, people who are fructose intolerant, people who have high levels of vitamin A or fat in the blood, and some others.


Normally, Accutane is taken in two doses, and they can treat any sort of acne, both cystic and nodular. The medication has strong side effects, so the specific treatment directions given by the doctor must be followed for best results. Usually, low doses of Accutane are prescribed first to see the effects.

It is better to take the medicine after having a full meal or a snack of high-fat content, and two doses of the medicine must be taken every day, timing is not much important. The only thing that must be followed is that there must be 2 hours between the dosages.


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