How Long Does Amazon Prime Refund Take (And Why)?

How Long Does Amazon Prime Refund Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Five Days

Amazon is known to be the biggest online retail store in the world. With a presence across the nation, amazon is the one-stop destination for online buying and selling. Besides providing great products at a fair cost on their website, Amazon provides the prime feature too.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that can help a customer with getting free deliveries on any order. Besides, if a person has a Prime subscription, they can enjoy different services like prime videos and music. Another great feature that a person can get from prime membership is faster refunds.

How Long Does Amazon Prime Refund Take

How Long Does Amazon Prime Refund Take?

Refunds are a hassle with online shopping. However, a person who has taken the prime subscription from amazon gets many benefits in terms of returns and refunds.

If the person is returning the product in the stipulated time as per the description, the refund, in general, happens within five to seven business days. With prime membership, it only takes about three to five business days for the refund to be completed, and the money to be credited back.

Besides giving a timeline of a maximum of five days, the majority of the refund cases for prime members happen within a couple of days. The number of days might differ based on the case. If the refund has been asked for just the cancellation of the order, it will happen quite fast.

However, the timing can extend a bit when it is about a refund that has been asked for an order that is being returned. For the returns, the cancellation process starts after collecting the delivered product. Hence, it can take about three to five days to complete the refunds process.

There can be a few other factors that can increase or decrease the refund time, like the volume of refunds, availability of manpower, and many more. A timeframe is provided to the customer so that the customer does not get agitated because of late refunds.

PeriodThe number of days it takes for the Amazon Prime refund
Maximum timeFive days
Minimum timeThree days

Why Does Amazon Prime Refund Take That Long?

The refund is a process that happens in two cases. The first case is when the customer ordered a product but canceled it before dispatch. The other scenario is when the customer has received the product but is not satisfied with it, and wants to return it. It can become a defining factor when it comes to the refund period.

Refund where only the order was canceled is faster as the order was not dispatched. Once the product is delivered, the time for processing the refund increases as it also depends on when the customer is available to return the product.

As the refund process can be started after the order is collected, the shortage of pick-up people from amazon’s end can substantially increase the refund procedure by a day or two. It also matters as to how the payment for the order was made. Usually, the orders that are paid via a credit card or a debit card, the refund is processed faster.

When the payment has been done in cash, and the product is returned a few days later, it can even take five to seven days for the whole process to get completed. The refund in this case is given back as amazon’s pay balance that a customer can use for further purchases.

Even when the facility is facing a lot of refund requests, it can take a lot of time to get all the refunds processed. Huge volumes of refunds can be a factor in increasing the period that it will take for the money to get credited back.


Since prime membership gives the person the chance to get the delivery free of cost, a member ends up using the prime services even if they order one thing. However, just in case, when a person has not used the prime service for the whole year, they can ask for a refund from amazon. It can take seven to eight days.

A majority of the prime refund happens in about two days once the refund process is initiated.


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