How Long After Amazon Online Assessment (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 2 to 3 days

Amazon is a company based in, Seattle, America. It is an e-commerce site that has been one of the big five industries in America. Apart from all other materials, garments, electronics, Amazon has even expanded its base to other fields like informative technology and others. It has been an emerging company that has surpassed the most widely known companies.

Amazon was found by Jeff Bezos in 1994. He started the company in Seattle because he found it the hub of the most prosperous software company, Microsoft. The journey started with music, videos, and games and slowly grew up into the e-commerce site today. The website of the company is visited by a minimum of around 615 million people across the globe. It is among the popular sites searched worldwide.

How Long After Amazon Online Assessment

How Long After Amazon Online Assessment?

Minimum time2 days
Maximum time5 days

Amazon is a growing company and is still establishing itself in other fields. It has been friendly to its users with its timely and best service. Apart from being the customer of such a big company, people even aspire to work in a noble company. As the company’s achievements and statistical indicators, the company’s recruited team is even the part of its huge success. Naturally, the recruitment process would be tough.

Nearly 99% of the growing youth, especially grads dream of having a job at Amazon. The students of the IT sector always wish to work in the environment of the world’s leading technology and hone their skills. However, it’s not easy to grab a job at Amazon. One needs to go through the tough exams set by Amazon for its recruitment. After getting selected in those rounds, the person would even have to go through few more tests regarding physical fitness and all. After going through the tests successfully, the candidate will be having a job at Amazon.


Amazon even recruits a lot of grads and professionals. Along with the healthy, productive work environment, the individual would even get a salary that is about 50% more than the average. This is why it’s considered no less than a dream place for many students. However, the individual has to go through the hectic 7 stages of examination to get qualified for a job at Amazon. At first, one needs to fill the application form with utmost care thereby providing the most accurate information.

After filling the application form, one needs to appear for the various tests. Then the final interview would be held after the successful completion of the minor tests. The person would be notified after the successful completion of each stage of assessment. The Amazon team takes about 2-3 days for checking the eligibility of the candidate and retorting back.

Why Does Amazon Take So Long After Online Assessment?

Throughout the process of assessment, the individual would be tested for his delivery towards the customer, leadership qualities, innovative brainstorming ideas, ability to stick to deadlines, and to invest carefully. The person would learn to acquire trust, answers for actions, think innovative ideas, and others. The assessments are lengthy because the number of applicants is increasing in a geometrical pattern every year.

With the increasing number of applicants, the company needs to select the best deserving ones who could serve the purpose of their job. This is why the recruiting process has been formulated in step by step manner which makes it lengthy. The individual’s CV and answers are screened from the very beginning step of filling up the application form. From this very basic step, the process of elimination starts. Only 30% of the applicants go through the screening tests successfully thereby having a job position at Amazon.

The online assessment consists of reasoning questions that are used to test the verbal, numerical, analytical, and logical skills of the individual. The reasoning round of the assessment assesses the individual’s ability to draw the most appropriate conclusions from the analysis of the statistical figures given. Numerical reasoning is just used to assess the individual’s basic knowledge. The questions are of high school level and with proper preparation, one can easily go through them.


The questions are not at all tough. However, the time limit sucks. The small amount of time that generates stress is the only factor that makes the examination difficult. The verbal test is even easy. However, one needs to be very quick in answering those questions. The answers would be evaluated within two to three days after which the candidate would be contacted with further information.


The candidate should be well prepared for the preparation. Without proper preparation, going through the exam would be really difficult or something impossible. One should read the questions properly before attempting the answers. One should not panic in the examination hall. The candidate should act with patience. Unnecessary panicking would reduce their efficiency thereby leading them to trouble.

The examination process is even vigilant. One should prepare and revise well for the exams and should not try to go through it by use of unnecessary systems. That is impossible because the company itself excels in technology and skills.


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  1. It’s impressive how Amazon managed to grow their business from just an e-commerce site to a global company that has expanded into many other fields.

    1. The rewards of working at Amazon are definitely worth the effort, but the process itself is definitely challenging

  2. The high standards set by Amazon in their assessments are indicative of the quality they seek in their team.

  3. It’s great that Amazon assesses applicants based on not only their skills but also their ability to handle various situations.

  4. Although Amazon’s recruitment process is thorough, it ensures that the best candidates are chosen.

    1. Absolutely. They ensure that candidates are not only skilled but also able to handle complex problem-solving.

  5. The time constraints in the assessments may add difficulty, but it’s a reflection of real-world challenges.

    1. Yes, it’s a way to gauge how candidates perform under pressure, which is important in a company like Amazon.

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