How Long Do You Have To Return Something To Amazon (And Why)?

How Long Do You Have To Return Something To Amazon (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

Amazon is a worldwide company that predominantly deals with e-commerce and digital streaming services among other ventures. The e-commerce site is almost a go-to website for many across the globe. With the great market share it holds, delivering numerous packages to many satisfied customers, there are also quite a few customers who are not as satisfied with the delivery and may want a refund.

With the onset of an e-commerce era, where ordering almost everything online is quite prevalent, it is obvious to have queries regarding the return of these ordered products.

How Long Do You Have To Return Something To Amazon?

Most Amazon purchase pages state the stipulated time during which an item needs to be returned if an exchange or refund is needed. In most cases, the period is about 30 days for most products.

Some items may have a shorter return by date and therefore must be checked before purchasing an item. Amazon takes its customer service seriously and has various numbers as well as email addresses that can be contacted in case there is any query concerning an order or its return date. A call to any of the helpline numbers can facilitate a return or guide you to enable returning the parcel within the period during which an item can be returned.

Many items come with certain requirements that need to be fulfilled while returning the item that was ordered. This may include the tags and labels intact or the original packing, etc. It is therefore advised to read the return policy of anything that is being ordered not only through Amazon, but any e-commerce site.
Amazon normally credits the value of the item returned to the amazon wallet of the customer. There are other options offered as well.

ConditionTime to Return
Normal30 days
Special Itemsless than 30 days

Why Do You Have That Long To Return Something To Amazon?

Since online shopping has become an increasingly normal part of life, with many parcels being ordered and returned every day, it is normal to forget a return for an order.
Amazon understands that and also tries to give the user a chance to see whether the customer enjoys or needs this product and whether it fits its purpose.

This of course comes within bounds that the item is treated with care and precaution. The return policy states the requirements for return.
Another reason for many returns is faulty items, which amazon gives a full refund for.
Amazon reimburses the refund in many payment options that can be chosen by the customer. These may include Amazon wallet, credit or debit return along with return from the mode of payment like Paytm, etc.

Even with the given period, if the return could not be initiated, there is still a way to return the package. That is by contacting customer care either by email or the number provided. If the return of the item is approved by the seller, beyond the period specified, then Amazon fulfills its return. In other cases, within the given period of return, the return option can be found on the respective amazon profile or account under orders and returns.

It is important to keep in mind the condition of the parcel to be returned should be following the standards set by the dealer or amazon and are specified on their website or the purchase page.


Amazon returns are fairly simple and efficient. The normal return period for most items is 30 days. In some cases, it can be reduced as well. It is important to check the return policy to ascertain these dates and periods. The return policy will also state the condition of the product for return and the requirements like the bill, tags or the original box, etc. Keeping all this in mind, along with selecting a method of reimbursement allows an easy Amazon return.
In the case of a product that needed to be returned beyond the given date, an email or a call to customer care may help find a way to resolve an issue with the same.


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