How Long Does An Alignment Take (And Why)?

How Long Does An Alignment Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One hour ( Approximately)

Alignment or wheel alignment is the maintenance of vehicles. Alignment tasks should not be avoided or can have an impact on the performance of automobiles. Wheel alignment increases and improves the contact of the tires with the road. Alignment rectifies the angle of the tires, increasing the friction between the road and the motor vehicle.

Wheel alignment is also known as breaking or tracking. Alignment is the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension. The alignment of the wheel is necessary to increase the life of your vehicle’s tires. Proper wheel alignment ensures driving safety and overall vehicle performance.

Vehicles wheels are aligned when it requires it. The conditions for the alignments are when the steering wheel is off-center or the vehicle pulling off to the left or right, or non-uniform tread wear.

How Long Does An Alignment Take

How Long Does An Alignment Take?

The wheel alignment takes about one hour under normal conditions for both two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This one hour includes the time required for the procedure, excluding other things like waiting, etc.

The time taken for the alignment depends on various factors. They are on the type of alignment done, the type of vehicle, the technician, and the condition of the wheels. New tires do not need alignments. In general, wheels require alignments after two to three years.

Alignment, if done, has to be done on all four wheels. Although, if all four tires are not aligned, then the front wheels have to be aligned. Car with solid rear axles widely undergoes only front-wheel alignments.

Alignment, if not done accurately, the vehicle will be pulling off in one direction. Due to which the car will not be moving in a straight line or rotating. Improper alignment of the wheels brings to risk the life of people in and out of the vehicle.

How long doesDuration
An alignment take for two-wheelerabout 30 to 60 minutes
An alignment take for four-wheelerabout one hour
It requires for an alignmenttwo to three years

Why Does An Alignment Take So Long?

The alignment of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers is around the same. Alignment time is more or less the same time required for the alignment of two-wheels or four-wheels. The alignment takes a lot of time because process setting for the alignment and then tearing it back after its completion is time-consuming.

Alignments are of three types- four-wheel alignment, front-end alignment, and thrust alignment. The front-end alignment is the most basic type of alignment. The first thing done in the alignment is the technician observing the vehicle. They check the pressure of air in the tires, and then the tires are examined.

After tires come the suspension parts. Once completed all these check-ups, the alignment starts. In the alignment, all three angles of the vehicle have to be fully aligned. The three angles are the Camber angle, toe angle, and caster angle.

The alignment might take longer for heavy vehicles and old vehicles. Newer automobiles are faster to align because of the condition of their components. The speed of the technician also determines the duration of the alignment. An experienced technician will be faster than a non-experienced one.


Wheel alignment or breaking or tracking is the adjustment of the wheel of the motor vehicle. Alignments are of different types and require different periods depending on various factors, including the alignment chosen.

Wheel alignment has many advantages. The first advantage is that it increases fuel efficiency and reduces the expensive auto repair cost. The second is that it increases the vehicle’s safety, and the fourth is it makes driving smoother. Alignment also improves the life of the tires.

Tires are very crucial in any vehicle. The quality of tires is crucial while purchasing the car for safety. Wheel alignment improves the life of the tires. It also increases the safety of the people in and out of the vehicle.


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