How Long Does System Restore Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Minutes To 8 Hours

System Restore allows one to reverse changes made to the OS. When one uses it, the OS returns to its previous settings and version. Important files and applications installed before the system update get deleted. One can use a system restore when issues arise after a driver installation. A system restore takes 10 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the device and version of OS.

How Long Does System Restore Take

How Long Does System Restore Take?

DeviceTime Taken
Windows 715 minutes
Windows 815 to 30 minutes
Windows 1030 to 60 minutes
Mac iOS1 to 8 hours
iPhone 5s (16 GB- 64 GB)20 to 30 minutes
iPhone 5s (128 GB- 256 GB)35 to 45 minutes
iPhone 8- Xs (64 GB- 128 GB)15 to 20 minutes
iPhone 8 -Xss (256 GB- 512 GB)25 to 45 minutes
iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 (64 GB- 126 GB)10 to 15 minutes
iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 (256 GB- 512 GB)20 to 30 minutes
Android phonesup to one hour

The time taken for a system restore varies, depending on the OS and device used. 

In Windows, a system restore takes between 15 minutes to 60 minutes based on the version. A Windows 7 OS will restore in 15 minutes. Windows 8, on the other hand, takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete the process, depending on the size of the data. A Windows 10 PC takes 30 to 60 minutes. Ensure to check if the process is continuous. If the restore is not complete in the above time, then the program is frozen. One must perform a hard reset at this stage. 

Mac iOS restores all data in one to eight hours. The process requires a new copy of Cataline to replace the old one.  

One can restore an iPhone in 7 to 45 minutes based on the model and storage. In general, 16 GB to 64 GB phones take lesser time, while 128 GB to 256 GB phones take longer. Furthermore, older iPhone models take less time to restore than newer ones. An iPhone 5s system restore takes 20 to 30 minutes, while an iPhone 8 takes 15 to 20 minutes. iPhone 11 and 12 take 10 to 15 minutes for the lowest storage option available. Similarly, an iPhone 5s system restore takes 35 to 45 minutes, while an iPhone 8 takes 25 to 45 minutes. iPhone 11 and 12 take 20 to 30 minutes for the higher storage options available. 

If the user wants to save data on the computer, the system restore process takes longer. The OS duplicates the data onto the computer, which takes longer than deleting it, depending on the amount of data. 

On an android phone, system restoration can take up to an hour. One must ensure that the phone is at least 70% charged and has a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. 

Why Does System Restore Take So Long?

The time taken for a system restore depends on the data available on it. A general trend is that more files take longer. If the restoration is not complete even after the given time, restart the process as there could’ve been an error. The errors that occur are the corruption of the process or critical failure. 

Additionally, one requires a reliable Wi-Fi network and functional power store till the process finishes. The time it takes depends on the size of the backup and the speed of the Wi-Fi.

Older versions of the OS take less time as the system is not complex. With the improvement of technology, newer phones have more complex security and operation. Therefore, new phones take longer to complete the restoration process.

One must ensure not to stop a System Restore as it could corrupt the system. 


A system restore is required if any issues arise due to the OS. During the process, the device regresses applications, files, and settings. A system restore takes 10 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the device and data stored. Generally, the process takes longer on a PC than on a mobile. Furthermore, older versions of the computer OS take less time due to the lack of complexity. Users require a stable Wi-Fi and power source to ensure no issues arise during the process. One must also ensure to not stop the restore process in between.


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