How Long Does An Expedited Passport Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 weeks

Expedited passport processing is a very well-known passport service that would speed up the passport renewal process.
First-time passport users can get their passports easily with the help of expedited passport service. The expedited passport would take around 3 weeks depending on many factors.

The dates of departure would predict the passport processing time. The situation of the person would also affect the length of time taken by the expedited passport service for the processing of the passport.

There would be certain documents required for processing the expedited passport, and people can keep them ready for fast passport processing.

How Long Does An Expedited Passport Take

How Long Does An Expedited Passport Take?

Expedited Passport Time
In weeks3 weeks
In days21 days

Everyone can calculate the standard time to get an expedited passport to be around 8 weeks. If someone is planning for the passport just before a few months of the travel plans, then they can go for expedited passport services.

An additional fee may be charged by the passport service such as Sharp Link for the processing of the expedited passport. With standard processing procedure, people can expect the expedited passport to take 3 to 8 weeks. People can get the passport before 3 weeks or same-day delivery if they go for Sharp Link services.

These services in Washington, DC makes it much easier for people that look for a one-day delivery option for an expedited passport. The pricing would be charged differently for all the services. People can do passport renewal, name change, and get a new passport if they lost the old one.

People should send a request to the service provider by visiting their website. Everyone would have to pay the money online to the service provider by visiting the original or authentic websites. In the request, people would have to fill few personal information or details that are required for verification.

The website would ask for a few documents to process your request for an expedited passport. The expedited passports services procedures and guidelines may be different for some states. Everyone should contact the service provider about all the requirements before paying the expedited passport fees.

Why Does An Expedited Passport Take This Long?

There are many steps that someone has to follow for getting an expedited passport. People would find the application online and should fill it out there. Everyone should be ready with all the important documents required for the processing of the passport. Then everyone is supposed to proceed with the application form.

You have to pay the expedite fee after giving the required documents. The passport fees would vary for everyone with different purposes. If you are expediting at an acceptance facility, then you should find the nearest acceptance facilities to know the fees.

Everyone should call or contact the acceptance facility to know if an appointment is required or not. Then people would choose the preferred shipping method according to their travel dates. People would have to pay extra money for the faster one or two-day shipping as it would not be included in the expedited passport fees.

The renewal of the passport can be done with the help of mail. The form for expedite and renewal of passport would be different. The passport expeditor is a private entity that would help you to submit the application for the expedited passport.

People with a life or death emergency would get an appointment for the expedited passport within 2 to 4 days. If someone has 6 to 10 weeks in their hand, then they can go for an acceptance facility. If someone has any international plans on an urgent basis, then they can go for expediting their passport at a center or agency.


The expedited passport is for someone with an urgent or emergency cause for travel. The normal standard time for getting an expedited passport is very time taking. Choosing the right passport expeditor is vital for following the correct expedited passport procedures.

For a life-or-death emergency, everyone must provide proof of travel to the agencies. Providing true and genuine reasons is important for getting the expedited passport in a legal manner.



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