How Long Is A Passport Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Years

Freedom is the need of everyone. Starting from animals to birds, everyone tries to find themselves in the zone of freedom. The organisms who are in their freedom zone are the luckiest because those who know the value of freedom have a hunger for it.

Taking an example of India, where the British ruled for more than 200 years. In between, they impose various taxes on the people and even reduce their freedom. 

After a long flight and the sacrifices of millions of brave hearts, our country got independence, and our people tested freedom for the first time after a long period.

History is the eyewitness of how people eagerly wanted their freedom, and for this, they paid for everything, even life. It’s because death is much better than living without freedom. Freedom means that you can do whatever you want.

Now, people are very fascinated to travel to different places, and that’s why they need a passport that protects their freedom.

How Long Is A Passport Good For

How Long Is A Passport Good For?

Passport Ten years
Emergency passportThree days

Generally, passports are needed for international trips. Along with your bags, the passport must be there. It should be under validity, or it has no value.

The validity of the passport is mentioned on the first page of the inside front next to the photograph. The first page is known as the information page having a surname, given name, photograph, date, place of birth, etc. A 16 year or older individual would receive an adult passport that is valid for ten years after the date it was issued.

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Five years validity passports are given to children under 16 years. Some countries required two but most of the countries required at least one blank page.

Another one is that the passport shouldn’t be damaged. Many times it seems that people’s passports get damaged by their dogs and children. If it happens, then you may miss your flight. It is due to the damage to the information page.

Validity in the passport is not enough. Many Asian and South American countries require at least six months of passport validity. Currently, Mexico and Canada don’t demand six months of passport validity.

Why Is A Passport Good For That Long?

From the information, a valid passport is valid for significantly less time. As for emergency circumstances, a passport is a savior. Now, the problem arises if the passport in any case is lost.

If someone loses their passport, then they can apply for a new passport. It takes a little bit of time. If someone loses a passport abroad, then go to the police station and file a complaint.

It is important because you will receive a copy of the police report. This document is important because it will prove the loss/stolen of your passport. Then, go to the respective embassy that issued your visa.

An old visa copy and the police report should be there for this process. The Department of Homeland Security(DHS ) is responsible for replacing a lost passport. Another type of passport called an Emergency passport has a validity of 3 days.

The emergency passport is also known as Life And Death Emergency Passport. This type of passport circulates in the United States. This passport is given when an application has an emergency of death, life, injuries of family, relatives, and friends, and the person can travel any place outside of the United States.


In France, the 1920 league of Nations meeting first laid the foundation of passport standards. Gradually different countries use a passport as a standardization. Surprisingly, Napoleon was the first time introduce a passport in Italy.

It is beneficial for all to know that when you go to the airport or for an international trip, don’t use a fake passport, or one will punish by a huge penalty or even jail. Also, when someone goes for a fresh passport, he should have all the original documents, or he can’t get them.

Last but not the least, beware of fraud, there are many cases where people lose their money by giving it to the hand of fraud for getting a passport very soon. Always go for officials in this type of work.



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