How Long After Passport Expires Can I Renew (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within A Year

A passport falls under the category of travel documents, which the government issues to the citizens of its country. The document certifies the nationality and identity of the purpose, mainly for travel to other countries. Each country has its passport, and it is mandatory to carry a passport for an international trip.

A passport contains few sections involving the name, address, date of birth, photograph, and person’s signature. Some additional pieces of information might be required depending on the country issuing the passport. The state department officials issue the passports. A passport is also required when a citizen returns to their country.

How Long After Passport Expires Can I Renew

How Long After Passport Expires Can I Renew?

In modern times, a majority of countries have started issuing microchip embedded passports. Microchips not only make the passport machine-readable, but it also becomes tough to create a fake copy of the passport. However, every passport has an expiry date, and it must be renewed for further traveling purposes. A person having no legal passport is not allowed to leave the country under any circumstances. The passport doesn’t make the person a citizen of the country they are traveling to; instead, it is just an allowance to visit that country.

However, having an authentic passport is not the only requirement for traveling abroad. The person must not be a criminal or must not be on the wanted list of the government officials. In such cases, the individual will be arrested as soon as he/she is identified. Apart from the traveling benefits, passports are also required when a person from another country checks in any hotel of a different country as they don’t have any identity. A passport is also needed in changing money into a local currency.

Country Issuing The PassportTime Taken To Renew After Expiry
IndiaOne Year
United States of AmericaNine Months

The time taken to renew the passport depends on the country issuing the passport. In India, the procedure is completed in around one year. In contrast, the citizens of the USA get their passports renewed within nine months. In all the other countries, the process is completed within a year.

Why Does It Take That Long To Renew After Passport Expires?

There are various types of passports that the government issues. A regular passport is issued in normal circumstances. An official passport is issued for government employees for their official travel and meetings. A diplomatic passport is given to the diplomats of the country or various ministers who need to travel to other countries to meet the government officials. A collective passport is issued for a group of people traveling together, such as school children. A family passport is given to a family planning to travel to another country together.

It takes that long to renew a passport after its expiry because it is a long process and requires time for verification. An individual applying for renewal first needs to register on the official website of the country. After that, the person needs to fill the application form required to renew the passport. The application form requires various pieces of information about the applicant. It must be ensured that all the details provided in the document are authentic and genuine. After that, the applicant needs to pay the renewal fees. Soon after this, an appointment is scheduled with a government official who crosses verifies all the details filled in the application form.

A passport has a validity of about five to ten years. Countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, and a few others issue passports valid for ten years. On the other hand, citizens of countries like America and Africa must renew their passports in five to six years.


Finally, it can be concluded that a passport is a crucial document and is mandatory for traveling to other countries. The passport is issued by government officials and has a validity period. After this period is over, the citizen is required to renew the passport for further travel plans.

On average, it takes one year time to renew a passport after its expiry. The exact time varies from country to country. There are different types of passports that the government issues. A passport is also used for purposes other than travel, such as valid identification in hotels and other places. All the details provided in the passport should be authentic; otherwise, the government can take legal action.


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