How Long Does Ancestrydna Take – (And Why)?

How Long Does Ancestrydna Take – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 8 weeks

Technology has come a long way in recent years. Before, to learn more about your ancestry, you’d have to hire a specialist to take samples and hunt down the roots of your surname and family line. However, with the technology we have these days, finding out just where you came from has gotten much easier.

One of the most popular DNA services would be Ancestry DNA and for good reason. Ancestry DNA will give you a regional profile of where your bloodline is from, as well as other fun information should you opt to include it in your test package.

Many people take this DNA test per year, and because of that, you’d have to imagine that sometimes things can get a bit busy at the labs where all of these DNA samples are being tested.

How Long Does Ancestrydna Take

How Long Does Ancestry DNA Take?

Once you purchase your DNA testing kit, you’ll have about a year to send in your samples and create your account. Depending on when the lab receives your sample, your waiting time in between sending your sample and receiving your results may be longer or shorter.

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For example, Ancestry DNA should take:

-During busy months: During high traffic months like January and February, or during months where deals for the kit have been run, one could expect to get their results in up to 8 weeks.

-During normal months: During months that aren’t close to a gifting season, some people have received their DNA results in as little as 4 weeks.

-Common, average wait: The average wait for an Ancestry DNA result to come in is around 6 weeks, though many people get their results in less amount of time.

The main factor in deciding how long your DNA result will take depends primarily on how busy the lab who is testing your sample is. During high volume months, like after a major holiday or after a big sale, one may wait longer to get their Ancestry DNA results than they would during normal operating times.

In summary:

Busy monthsUp to 8 weeks
Normal monthsAs low as 4 weeks
Common waitAbout 6 weeks

Why Does Ancestry DNA Take That Long?

The amount of time you wait to receive your DNA results back from Ancestry DNA will depend mostly on how busy the lab and the company are at the time. People tend to report longer wait times when a big sale has happened or right after a holiday season where a lot of people may have received the kits as a gift.

Testing DNA takes time because the lab has to run the necessary tests, then a report of your individual sample has to be compiled. When you factor in the fact that these places handle thousands of tests per day, you get a wait time that could be much longer in reality.


The average person waits 4 to 6 weeks for their results, which isn’t bad considering the number of people who are taking these tests per day. Overall, the wait time for results is rather short, especially when one considers just how long they could be.

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  1. I think the longer wait times during busy months are a small price to pay for such valuable insight into our ancestry.

  2. I’m impressed by the technological advances in DNA testing that have made it so accessible to people today.

  3. The advanced technology behind Ancestry DNA has truly revolutionized the process of discovering one’s heritage.

    1. Indeed, it’s incredible to think how far technology has come in making this information accessible to everyone.

  4. The technology has certainly made tracing one’s ancestry more efficient, despite the wait for results.

  5. While the wait can be a bit lengthy, the results are well worth it and the technology is truly impressive.

  6. The longer wait times during busy months are understandable with the increased demand for the testing kits.

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