How Long Does Bank Transfer Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 days

The bank transfer would take around 3 days depending on the type of bank. There are many types of financial organizations, and the bank transfer time may be different for each one of them. Sending funds to your friend and family could be easier if you try to do it during the business days.

The bank transfer time would get affected by the person who is going to receive the money. A bank transfer is a type of money sending process electronically from one person to another person. The use of interbank networks makes bank transfers easier for both organizations and people.

How Long Does Bank Transfer Take

How Long Does Bank Transfer Take?

Bank TransferTime
In days3 days
In hours72 hours

There are some intermediaries’ banks that would serve the purpose of middlemen before the money is received by the recipient. The intermediaries help the banks as each bank has huge numbers of accounts. Managing many accounts single-handedly would be quite herculean for the banks.

The type of network the bank is using for transferring money would influence the fund transferring time. Domestic bank transfers would happen faster than international bank transfers. Everyone should carefully fill in all the information correctly for faster money transfer.

Sometimes, due to incorrect details, the bank transfer may not happen. If the bank transfer is happening with the help of intermediaries’ banks then it would take around 5 days. If a person is trying to send the money within the same bank, then it would happen in just 2 to 3 days.

If the money transfer is happening between two different banks, then it would take more than 5 days. If someone chooses the “bank to a bank transfer”, then the fund sending time would be lesser. As in bank to a bank transfer, there would not be any intermediaries taking part in it.

Sometimes, people may not get instant credit messages for any transaction. Therefore, it’s better to check the balance of your account to know if the money is received or not. Some fund transfers may happen in just a few hours or minutes. If there are multiple transactions to be processed by the bank, then it would take much time.

Why Does Bank Transfer Take This Long?

The bank transfer process is different for all banks. Therefore, people should go for trusted banks that would process the funds in very less time. Some banks may experience server errors and this would increase the fund transfer time. If the fund is getting touched by a very less number of people, then it would reduce the transfer time.

If more people are involved in the bank transferring process, then it would take around 7 to 10 days. Some banks give facilities to the person to check the bank transfer status by visiting their online websites. The wire transfer and ACH transfers would transfer money in a faster manner.

Some banks would transfer the money immediately within 5 to 60 minutes if they are not experiencing any type of server issues. The amount may also affect the transferring limit. The bank always comes with a certain money limit for fund transfers. If a person is trying to send a huge amount of money, then it would take much time.

Someone who wants to transfer less amount of money may see the fund transfer getting completed in 1 or 2 days. The bank doesn’t transfer money on holidays. Therefore, it’s better to not send money to people on the holidays as it would add extra days to the transfer time.


The bank transfer would take 3 to 7 days depending on the type of bank. The fund transfer time for all the banks would vary depending on their guidelines. People should avoid multiple transactions at one time as it may delay the fund transfer.

People should wait for 3 to 7 days before contacting the bank if they have not received the money. Sometimes, the bank may take more than 7 days for international transactions. Therefore, everyone should be patient as the time taken by the bank for fund transfer is not fixed.



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