How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Refund From TurboTax Direct Deposit (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Refund From TurboTax Direct Deposit (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 21 Days

There is a lot to learn about finance and banking in this world. There are more than thousands of banks in the world and more branches. A person should know all about getting a job, getting paid, and keeping savings. When somebody starts earning money, the first thing they need to know about is filing tax and tax refunds. Income tax, when not paid, can be a legal offense and can lead to severe consequences, including the person going to jail. Thus, it is important to file taxes and keep an eye on the refunds. Tax refunds are very important just as much as filing for the refunds.

A tax refund is a refund furnished to the taxpayer, on occasions where the tax liability is comparatively less than the amount of taxes paid altogether. There is a lot to know about tax refunds, about when a person will get the refund back, how a person can file for tax refunds, and soon they will get them.

When the IRS owes someone a large sum of tax refunds, it is better to file for them as soon as possible. After a person files for tax refunds, it should be accepted, processed, and only then a person can get his refund.

How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Refund From TurboTax Direct Deposit

How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Refund From TurboTax Direct Deposit?

All about tax refundsTime
The refunds will be issued in21 Days
A person can start checking the status of their refunds after24 hours
Before checking the status of a refund and processing it, the IRS normally allows about4 weeks

There will be reasons why the acceptance and processing of the tax refunds are taking more time than they should. Although, there are experts who help people with that, and one such company is TurboTax, which is filled with experts who know a lot about taxes. Normally, when a person applies for tax refunds, it reaches them in about 21 days, which is around three weeks.

TurboTax is a tax filing software produced by Intuit, which was specifically made for the preparation of American income tax. The greatest competition of TurboTax is H&R Block Tax Software and TaxAct, but TurboTax is still the market leader in its segment. The developer of this software is Intuit, Inc., and the software was initially released in 1984 and it is considered to be one of the best tax software in the world.

Their license is proprietary and TurboTax can be used on Windows, Android, iOS, and Macintosh. The official website of TurboTax is and TurboTax is used by people of all leagues and statuses. TurboTax has created a great online system to file taxes and refunds and there are specific versions for every need.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Tax Refund From TurboTax Direct Deposit?

Intuit consumer tax group is based in Sandiego California, where TurboTax was first developed. New versions of TurboTax are being developed and there are many versions already like TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier.

These versions can be used for both state and federal income tax returns, and the best thing about TurboTax is that this software helps the users’ file taxes seamlessly, by guiding them through every step. All a person has to do is create an account in TurboTax, and get in touch with the experts. TurboTax will let people file their taxes, but they can also hire experts if they want to.

There are blogs, videos to help the users file their taxes properly. The first thing to know about tax refunds is that the time it takes the IRS to process a person’s tax refund is based on how they file their tax return. While some fill out paper works, some email, and some, in a smarter way, e-file their tax refunds.


Mailed paper returns, on the other hand, take a longer time to reach the person, because, for some reason, it takes more time to check the credentials for a tax refund filed through paper returns.

The best way to file for a refund is to e-file and e-filing with direct deposit is the best way to receive tax refunds, especially federal ones. Normally, the IRS will issue most of the refunds within 21 days, if there is nothing suspicious. Some refunds might take a little while longer to be processed.

Usually, it takes about 4 weeks to check the status of the refund, and processing will take 6 to 8 weeks. Normally, when a person e-files for tax refunds, they can check the status of the refund after 24 hours.


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