How Long Does Bottled Beer Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 months

The bottled beer can last longer if they are provided with proper storage requirements. The bottled beer should be stored at a cool temperature, or else it would spoil faster. The type and quality of the beer would affect its shelf life. The top-quality beer may last longer than 3 months if the seal is not opened.

The normal quality bottle beers would not last longer than 3 months. The bottles of beer should not be stored at a hot temperature. In hot temperature places, the beer’s quality would get degrade due to excess heat. There are some types of beer that should be consumed the same day it leaves the brewery.

The flavors of the beer would start degrading if they are not consumed for a long time.

How Long Does Bottled Beer Last

How Long Does Bottled Beer Last?

Bottled BeerTime
In months6 months
In weeks24 weeks

The bottled beer would not last for more than 6 months as they come with a fixed shelf life. The shelf life of the strong beers would be longer as compared to the normal beers. Many experts suggest that the flavors of bottled beer become richer if they are stored longer. Aging may help the wild beer to become more flavorsome.

The components of the beers would change and evolve with time. The change in flavors and taste may make the beer taste better after a few months. The person before purchasing the beer should check its type and preparation method. As some beers are best if consumed fresh, while others would taste great after a few months.

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The bottled beers would be great if consumed before 6 months, or as suggested by the beer manufacturer’s company. The bitterness of some beer would reduce with time, and the beer would develop a sweet taste. The compounds of the yeast would start reacting with oxygen that would give new flavors to the beers with time.

The sunlight exposure would not support the shelf life of the beer. The beers require a constant temperature place with stable environmental conditions to last longer. Unpleasant flavors would develop in the bottle beers if they come in contact with heat. The bottle beers should always be stored inside the fridge, as they need dry and cool places.

Why Does Bottled Beer Last This Long?

Ultraviolet rays can destroy the quality of the beers. Therefore, the beer bottles are mainly green or brown in colour to protect the beer from sunrays. The bottled beers would come in many sizes or shapes. People should choose the best size according to their fridge size, as they have to store it in the fridge for a long time.

Sometimes, the beer inside the bottle would be in good condition even after the expiry date. If someone observes the flavours and taste of the beer is stable after the expiry date, then they can drink the beer. Oxidisation can bring skunky flavours to the beer. Oxidisation would not happen in the case of sealed bottled beer if stored in cool places.

The bottled beer may taste better than the can beers as bottles are more capable of limiting light and moisture exposure. The beers inside the transparent bottles would not last longer than the dark bottled beer. Once the seal of the bottled beer is open, then inside the refrigerator the beer would not last for more than 3 to 6 months.

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The brands of the beers may make a huge impact on the shelf life of the beers. In most cases, the beer would not start getting bad, or unsafe for drinking purposes, but it would start to taste weird. The flavours and essence of the beer would not last long if they are stored in wet, dirty and bright places


The beers taste great if they are freshly consumed. People should avoid storing the open sealed beers at room temperature. To enhance the flavors and taste of beer, people should store it in the fridge. In summers, the beer can go bad very quickly due to hot climatic conditions.

In winters the beers may last longer at room temperature due to cool weather. People should be careful about choosing the beer brands before purchasing the beers. The premium beers brands would produce the best beers that would last for a very long time.



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