How Long Does Beer Last In A Growler (And Why)?

How Long Does Beer Last In A Growler (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 36 hours

Growlers are great for transporting beer. The beer can last for around 36 hours inside the growler if the seal is opened. If the seal of the growler is not opened, then the beer can last for 7 to 10 days if stored properly. The shelf life of the beer would increase in a growler if carbon dioxide is injected into the growler.

The factors such as oxygen exposure, bacterial growth, and improper storage would reduce the lasting time of the beer. The type and quality of the growler would affect the lasting time of the beer inside the growler. The materials of the growler can be stainless steel, ceramic, and glass growlers.

The price of all the types of growlers would be different. Ceramic growlers are considered the most expensive growlers to store beers.

How Long Does Beer Last In A Growler

How Long Does Beer Last In A Growler?

Beer In A GrowlerTime
In hours36 hours
In minutes2160 minutes

The beer can be stored for a long time inside the growler if they are stored at a cool temperature. Heat would degrade and destroy the quality, taste, and flavors of the beer. Everyone should try to avoid heat exposure to make the beer inside the growler last longer.

People should be careful about any bacteria or pathogens present in the place where the growlers are stored. These bacteria may enter inside the growler if there is a small hole or leakage. The growler should be stored in the refrigerator when the person brings the growler home.

During the transporting process, everyone should avoid sun exposure to the growler. The ultraviolet rays can destroy the quality and essence of the beer inside the growler. Dark-colored growler bottles are better than light-colored growlers. As light-colored growlers would not be able to stay safe in hot temperature places even for a few minutes.

If someone is not going to complete the beer inside the growler in 1 to 2 days, then it’s better to not open the seal. Once the seal of the growler is opened, then it would not stay fresh for more than 2 days inside the fridge.

After you are done with drinking all the beer inside the growler, the cleaning of the growler should be done with hot water. People can also use some amount of white vinegar with hot water to wash the growler properly.

Why Does Beer Last This Long In A Growler?

The growler bottles are good things to prevent contamination. Contamination would not make the beer last for more than a few minutes. The basic rule is to maintain the pure form of the beer. If the beer comes in contact with any pathogens or polluting substance, then the pure form of the beer would vanish.

The beer should be bottled properly to last for a few days. Any bacteria or harmful particle present in the growler would cause the beer to go bad early. The type of beer would also influence the shelf life of beer inside the growler. The top-quality beer would last longer than the poor-quality beer.

People should check the beer before putting it in the growler. If the beer is already expired before it is put inside the growler, then it’s not safe to consume. Everyone should be careful about using the growler for storing the beer. Some materials may not be suitable for storing the beer inside it.

Therefore, people should make sure, the type of beer they are trying to store is suitable for the material of the growler. If someone sees any early spoilage sign in the beer inside the growler, then the person should try to complete the beer within 2 to 3 hours.

Once the beer seal is opened, people should avoid storing the growler at room temperature. People should not store the growler in places with temperature fluctuations. Constant cool temperature is a basic requirement for maintaining the quality of the beer.


The lasting time of the beer inside the growler would depend on if it is sealed or not. People should avoid storing the beer in the doors of the fridge where the temperature would keep on fluctuating. Everyone should check if the growler is having any defects before purchasing it from stores.

For some growlers, people would have to put extra covering to give more protection to the cap of the growler. People should check if the seal of the growler is properly done or not. If the growler is stored properly by following good food storage safety methods, then it would last for around 10 days.


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