How Long Is Bottled Water Good For (And Why)?

How Long Is Bottled Water Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years (Approximately)

Drinking water packed in plastic or glass water bottles is bottled water. Bottled water is a good alternative for drinking water. A lot of diseases can spread via contaminated water. Bottled water is safe to drink and up to a certain level uncontaminated. The water in the bottles is sealed and filled under hygienic conditions. The bottled water can be stored for a longer time and is convenient to store.

Bottled water is of two types. One is non-carbonated bottled water, and the other is sparkling water. Among the two types of bottled water, non-carbonated bottled water can be stored and used for an extended period than sparkling water.

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How Long Is Bottled Water Good For?

Bottled water is of quality for drinking and storing for about two years. However, bottled water is kept for an indefinite time interval if stored under adequate conditions and place. Although, bottled water is not good to use for a period longer than two years. The substance from which the bottles are is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The quality of the water depends on different factors. The factors are where it is stored, how it is stored, and the conditions. When bottled water is stockpiled at a cool place and in the refrigerator, it can stay good for more time. However, once opened, bottled water is not of use for very long.

The conditions under which the bottled water is stored also determine the duration of the quality of water. The first condition is to keep the bottled water in dry places, away from sunlight. The second is not to store bottled water in a hot car or area. Next is to the bottled water away from cleaning items, products, and chemicals. All these conditions increase the life of the water in the bottles.

Type Of Bottled WaterStorage Period
Non-Carbonated bottled waterabout 2 years
Sprinkled bottled waterfor 1 year
Opened bottled waternot more than 4 to 6 days

Why Is Bottled Water Good For So Long?

A lot of people use bottled water for many reasons. Bottled water is easier to carry and intake. Our body requires a certain amount of water every day, and bottled water, to some extent, are good options to fulfill those daily requirements. Some prefer bottled water because of its taste and added nutrients. Also, one reason could be that bottled water is hygienic and free of impurities.

Bottled water has many advantages, especially its storage capacity. It is best to use and also in demand during water crises. But what makes the bottled water stockpile for years. Over time water starts losing its taste. Bottled water is free from any contamination and sealed under hygienic conditions, making it safe to use.

Water is stored in plastic bottles as well and, after some time, it would start degrading. The chemicals in the bottle start leaching in the water present, making it unsafe to drink. That is why it is not good to use bottled water for more than two years. Bottled water is good to use for years as it is free from germs, viruses, or bacteria growth.


Bottled water usage is due to its quality and hygiene. It has many advantages such as quality assurance, convenience to carry, storage period, cleanliness, and good flavor. But many times, it is just tap water filled in shining bottles. Many brands do maintain the quality, but it is not always the same.

The bottles used for packaging do a lot of pollution because they do not decompose. According to a survey, only one out of the five bottles undergo recycling, and the rest end up lying here and there. Which leads to a lot of damage to the environment as they do not decompose. Bottled water usage is not wrong, but the disposal of the bottles is a matter of concern. And bottled water can last forever if stored correctly.


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