How Long Does BPAY take (And Why)?

How Long Does BPAY take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 2 Business Days

To make bill payments faster and easier a financial institution was founded in 1997 name as BPAY. BPAY is a way to pay bills online. It is an electronic payment system that is mainly operated out of Australia.

BPAY enables a person to make payment either by their phone or via internet banking or through telephone banking. The important requirement to transfer funds or to pay bills is that the company should be registered with BPAY. Using the platform is simple and convenient. It also helps a biller to manage the outstanding bills with ease.

There are more than sixty thousand businesses that are registered with the BPAY as billers. That implies that bills like internet, electricity, gas, rent credit card, many such bills can be paid via BPAY. The great part is that the transaction happens in only two to three business days.

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How Long Does BPAY take?

BPAY is a great tool for someone to wants to pay bills and also for people who want to get money for their services. All the things can happen right from one website. 

When a customer wants to make payments they need to find the BPAY logo in the bill or an email from the biller. There are two codes on the bill that can be used in the bank’s mobile app on customers’ phones. Select the account and pay securely.

On the other hand, even the biller gets the money in a couple of days once the payment is made by the customer. The maximum time it takes for the biller to receive funds is about two to three business days.

The timing, however, depends on when the payment was done by the customer. If the customer makes the payment before 6 pm in the day, it will take 1 to 2 business days. If a customer makes the payment after 6 pm, it is considered to be the next day, and then it takes 2 to 3 business days for the transaction to complete.

Payment typeThe time it takes for a transaction to be complete
Payment before 6 pm on a business day1 to 2 business days
Payment after 6 pm2 to 3 business days
Payments made on weekends2 to 3 business days
Payments made on holidays2 to 3 business days

Why Does BPAY Take That Long?

BPAY being an online platform to transfer money makes the fund transfer possible quickly. However, to be prepared for any unforeseen challenges, it provides a timeline of a maximum of three days to get the funds in the billers bank account.

The primary reason is the cut-off time that is described in the BPAY guidelines. The cut-off time for the day is 6 pm each business day. Any transactions made after that time are postponed for clearance the next day. 

The period it will take for the BPAY transaction not to get cleared also depends on what days the transactions are made. Transactions that are made on public holidays or weekends, can even take a day more than the maximum timeframe of three business days.

Most of the transactions get cleared within 24 hours after the customer does a successful transaction. In rare cases, there can many technical glitches either from BPAY’s side or from the bank’s side which is authorizing the transactions. It can lead to a delay in the transaction being successful.

There are also a few cases where the transition is not completed from the customer’s end, and therefore the money fails to reflect in the biller’s bank account. Hence, a timeline is given so the customer can be notified of a failed payment, and the customer can attempt to pay the bill again.


There are many ways to make payments for the bills. However, people choose a fast payment platform, so that they can avoid late charges. BPAY comes to the rescue with a payment option that is fast while being secure. 

While it gives the privilege to the biller, it will, is clearing the payment in a day or two, it also gives the customer the ease to pay multiple bills right from their phone banking via BPAY.


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