How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Illinois (And Why)?

How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Illinois (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 3 weeks

A midwestern state of the United States, bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west, is Illinois. And it hardly takes 2 to 3 days after the certification for benefits, and then the payments are easily done through your debit card or direct deposit.

The easy way to apply for this includes an Identity verifying card or certificate. The employment history can also be used. However, it must have the details of the employee, which are mandatory. And then it’s just about filling the claim and within several days the work is done without leaving any regrets.

How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Illinois

How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Illinois?

First payment after certification3 weeks after approval
Subsequent payments2 weeks after certification

Once your certification process is over, it will be determined if you are eligible to have access to receiving benefits based on the answers you submitted. And, if all the processing is well and good, then it’s just a matter of time then to get the payment. In most cases, it’s seen that people get their payment within two to three business days.

Within two business days, the benefit payments are mostly deposited into the assigned bank accounts, after the claimant certifies to get the benefits. To sign up for the direct deposit, you have surfed on the website, and then next slide the down arrow under sign in to my account and next, select and then enroll or you can modify under the Direct Deposit, or at any moment thereafter.

Some people also face a little difficulty in applying for this and this issue may occur if some mistakes are hurdling to make you reach the target. The flaws may come as, there must be a correction needed in the information that you have provided, like the contact number, or the time being you have provided of your working in the company, and these silly yet effective mistakes may come out as a subject of tense while applying.


It is sometimes also seen that it takes a little more time than the expected 2 to 3 days, for the processing of the benefits, but that’s not a matter of worry for you, if while applying you have made nothing wrong. There are some technical glitches, which may occur as the obstacles in this case, and they don’t include any fault of yours. So, don’t worry.

Why Does It Take So Long After Certifying For Unemployment Illinois?

Well, after applying for the certifying part, it always takes some time to bring out the credit card of the direct deposit to you. But once you are done with filling the claim, a blank debit card will be received by you, and also a UI finding in the mailbox. The UI will easily instruct and guide you if you are now monetarily eligible for benefits or not. And if not, then this means that you have earned sufficient wages in your base period. However, there is a mere chance of getting these types of obstacles, will and most times, the work goes swiftly and easily.

On some bad days, it may show up that, your direct deposit will not show up as planned, and the simple and only reason behind that is, it has taken a few more days to process it. This obstacle may come up due to some official holidays, or any technical glitch, or because the request to transfer the amount of money might have accidentally worked out after the business hours. So, the time limit may get extended due to this reason.


Mostly it gets fixed in a very less period, and if the proceeding is done after the working hours, then within the next working hours, the problem gets sorted. Hence, provide at least twenty-four hours to fix the issue, before you fill your mind with tense. Therefore, studying all the stats and keeping in mind the problems that may occur in between, is just a matter of a couple of days, and after that, you are done with your employment in Illinois.


It’s quite easy to apply for the certification and once declared eligible, you must go online and answer the further processed queries. This process needs to be repeated weekly. No, certification date is provided and you can practice this, whenever you are suitable. And, within two to three days of applying for benefits, payment will be processed to your debit card or by direct deposits.

After the completion of the entire process also, you need to continue this certification process frequently every week, to have the access to continue receiving benefits. Hence, that’s the amount of time it takes, which most of two to three days, after certifying for employment in Illinois.


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