How Long Does Brie Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week

Brie cheese is a type of cheese that only lasts for one week unopened when kept inside a refrigerator. However, there are other types of cheese that could last much longer than a week. Proper storage could keep the cheese may be more than two weeks but they should be consumed before the expiration period. You should know when and how long a cheese will last whether in the refrigerator or a freezer because if you consume a damaged product then it will directly affect your health.

How Long Does Brie Last

How Long Does Brie Last?

Cheese Types (Unopened)Expires Within (Under refrigerator)
Brie Cheese1 week
Mozzarella cheese1-2 weeks (6 months if kept under freezer)
Feta cheese1 week
Monterey cheese1 week
Gorgonzola cheese1-2 weeks

Cheese and its types are one of the most consumed foods in the world because most people love consuming cheese whether it is in their bread or in their main course. However, one should be careful about its expiration dates because consuming a damaged cheese might harm your health. You can notice a damaged cheese just by looking at it where you will see mold starts to grow and then you will know that the product is spoiled.

Brie cheese either opened or unopened should be consumed within a week. So, the next time you purchase a brie cheese make sure you check the manufacturing date because a week is quite less to keep it in your refrigerator.

Brie cheese is the type of cheese that most people love the taste of. Because of its mild and creamy flavour most people prefer this type of cheese. Now, the main question is how to understand whether brie cheese has spoilt or not? Well, brie cheese spoils quite differently because in most of the other food items you will notice a green-colored patch appearing on the product but in the case of brie cheese a white patch is created.

Brie cheese lasts for one week because one week is enough for the cheese to get spoilt. However, if you keep the cheese well-wrapped and under proper storage of the fridge then there is a chance that the cheese might stay for more than a week. Wrapping brie cheese properly is very important because once the cheese starts to get spoilt then other foods might get spoilt along with it.

Why Does It Take That Long For Brie Cheese To Last?

Brie cheese lasts for one week because it is only capable of lasting one week itself and not more than that. You can store brie cheese under the freezer but that too will affect the taste and overall texture of the cheese.

In the case of soft cheese, you should avoid freezing brie cheese but when the product is about to go bad then it would be best you keep the product in a freezer. There could be a change in the flavour or in the texture if the storage is not proper.  

Brie cheese is very sensitive when it is kept under the freezer because once you keep it in the freezer then you would not like the taste like before. The cheese when manufactured in the factory comes out to the stores and then it is directly kept in the freezer. And soon after that when you purchase it then it is not in its exact form.

Take precautions before you consume a product because you might not have much idea about its expiration dates. So, ask the experts to know more about the product’s expiration dates. However, you can check more details on the internet as well.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most before enjoying your favourite cheese on your breakfast. Know more about cheeses and its types because not all cheeses have the same lasting capacity. For example parmesan cheese is a hard cheese and therefore they can be kept for at least one to two months easily.

To enjoy the best quality cheese try to purchase cheese that has been manufactured recently because that will at least give you the original texture and as well as the taste. Cheese lovers are everywhere and they should be perfect when it is on your breakfast plate.


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