How Long Does Boxed Wine Last - (And Why)?

How Long Does Boxed Wine Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4-6 weeks

During many ceremonies, wine is the order of the day. This gives a sense of joy and meaningfulness of the celebration.
Experiencing the opening of the wine bottle is excellent it is like a particular ritual that is loved by almost everyone.

On the other hand, many of you purchase wine in large quantities for future use.

How Long Does Boxed Wine Last

How long does boxed wine last?

Boxed Wine Storage ConditionLifespan
Open box of wine4 to 6 months
Unboxed wine9 months

How long your wine stays depends whether it is opened or it is unopened. If your box of wine is opened, then it should stay for 4 to 6 weeks, while an unopened box of wine lasts for nine months only when it is kept in properly.

Why it takes that long for boxed wine to last

Storage: Proper storage of wine gives exemplary results on how long your wine can last.

Therefore, your storage plays a vital role, and wine should be kept in the dark, cool environs under a constant temperature of 50 t0 55 degrees Celsius.

It is very significant to note that your wine should always be stored in a dark, cool place with good humid status.

Boxed wines are straightforward to store compared to traditional boxes and are less sensitive to Ultraviolent Rays.

Furthermore, keep your boxed wines far away from direct sunlight, on top of the refrigerator, and near a stove. This is to avoid heating of wine when power or energy is applied on.

In case your wine is opened, then consider storing it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for a longer time.

Proper storage comes along with benefits, such as conserving the environment by avoiding waste, cutting down food costs as well as eating healthier.

Shelf life: Boxed wine can never outdo bottled wine since they are not made to last for an extended period hence having a small shelf life.

As mentioned above, boxed wine lasts for nine months, while bottled ones can go as far as two years and above. Moreover, boxed wines have sell dates on them.

Preparation: How well your wine is prepared is a determinant factor of how long it would probably last.

Therefore, the ingredients used in boxed wine preparation are very vital. It is good for you to note that some ingredients reduce the amount of time your wine should have lasted.

On the other hand, practicing thorough hygiene as well as food safety methods is a full assurance that you would have avoided food-related diseases.

Sell date: All food and drinks have a sale date as other products have an expiration date.

Thus it is essential to store your wine correctly for it not to spoil before it sells date or even extends more than the sell date on time.

Sell date is very significant when it comes to the above question of how long boxed wine last and why?


The aspects mentioned above are very vital in determining how long and why it takes that particular time for your wine to last. Based on that information, it is appropriate that you will enjoy your wine comfortably either alone or with friends, you need to be responsible all the time.


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