How Long Does Kava Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 Hours

Kava is a plant and the juice that is extracted from the plant is known as kava drink. Kava is a type of beverage that is consumed by most people living in the western parts of the Pacific islands. The drink is said to be bitter in taste and the meaning of the name suggests it is ‘bitter’ in nature. The drink is popularly known as a social drink especially in the Western parts of the world. The drink is considered to be an alcoholic drink in the Western part of the world.

How Long Does Kava Last (And Why?)

How Long Does Kava Last?

Kava DrinkLasting Durability
Kava Drink1-3 hours
Relaxed FeelingMore than 3 hours
Noble Kavas (Another type of Kava)1-3 hours
Medicinal KavaUsed for treatment and could last for 5 weeks.

There are three types of kava drink out of which two are consumed for a recreational purpose and the third one is the medicinal kava that is used for treatment purposes. The drink is considered to be an alcoholic drink and therefore there is that lasting effect when consumed. The taste is quite bitter may be much more bitter than beer.

For medicinal use, the medicinal kava is used to treat several disorders like anxiety disorders along with others. Other than that the drink is also consumed to cure a common cold and other respiratory infections, headaches, muscle pain, and for releasing stress.

Consuming it for medicinal use is beneficial because the effect releases all the pressure or the anxiety feelings from the head and therefore that is one of the advantages of kava drink. However, people consume mostly the normal kava drinks as they are consumed for recreational purposes only.

The drink is almost similar to alcoholic drinks and therefore many people enjoy drinking it because the drink has a lasting effect which is enjoyed by most of the people. The scientific name of the kava plant is ‘Piper methysticum’.

Why Does Kava Last That Long?

Kava is a popular drink especially in the western parts of the world. The drink is considered to be not more than an alcoholic drink and therefore the effect lasts for about 1-3 hours at the maximum level. However, some people could experience the effect for much longer than 3 hours.

However, it is not necessary that the effect will last for 3 hours maximum because it might affect differently for each individual. The drink affects the human brain after it is consumed and also the central nervous system. The lactones present in the kava drink are responsible for the effects that it has on the brain and also in the central nervous system of the human body.

However, if there is excessive consumption or usage of kava then a person’s liver could be damaged and could lead to death of the person. So, one should always be careful about the consumption percentage of kava drink.

It was because of this reason there were reports earlier which had shown that the drink was withdrawn from the market during the early 2000s from the European market and also from Canada. However, the drink was never taken out from the US market.

People suffering from anxiety, restlessness, and such kinds of problems consume the kava drink so that they can get some relief from the problems. But, still there are no reasons that the drink actually supports these kinds of problems. So, one has to be cautious about drinking kava drinks and making it their daily habit.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most because drinking any alcoholic drinks too much will affect your overall health and could lead to death. So, you should be careful always to maintain a strict diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kava drink might give you satisfaction but if you consume it in the long term then it will damage your liver seriously. Once in a while consumption can be tolerated by your body but you cannot make it your daily habit.

The drink has been in the market once again since 2012 and people have started consuming it. Countries like Canada and Germany have started to consume kava drink from 2012 and 2015.


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