How Long Does Chicken Last In Freezer (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To 1 Year

We, human beings, are very well known for comfort. When it comes to the matter of comfort, then we put all the possible effects that we have. A lot of modification and recreation happens to make our life easy as compared to the past.

In the case of food items also a new revolution begins. Most of the restaurants and world-class chefs try to serve their food uniquely. Taking an example of a world-famous Turkish chef, CZN Burak, famous in the whole world for his unique way of serving food.

He is famous not only for his unique way of serving but, also for his unique way of cooking. It seems that most of the chefs are famous for their chicken. As we know, it’s obvious because every day about 136 million chickens die.

Now the topic raises how many days we can store the chicken in the freezer.

How Long Does Chicken Last In Freezer

How Long Does Chicken Last In Freezer?

Type of setup Period
The chicken inside the freezerUp to 1 year
Pieces of the chicken inside the freezerUp to 9 months

We all very well know that in the freezer, frozen food lasts forever. It doesn’t mean that we get the same taste at any time. That’s why provides the guidelines for how long, several foods can store in the freezer before their original test begins to alter.

Claudia Sidoti, the head chef of Hello Fresh, says that it can be stored in the freezer for one year. She also mentions that chicken pieces and chicken cutlets can last up to nine months inside the freezer. Trevor White, the concept executive chef at Morton’s The Steakhouse New York, also says the same.

Sidoti says that seals the bag, and before that, the air must be removed from the seal. It helps to increase the long life of the chicken. In case you don’t have any right equipment, then place the chicken breast in the freezer bag and manually push out the air as much as possible before store. Here we have a small problem, that we can’t believe our hand always.

In the meantime, the chef suggests another method, which is called the water displacement method. In this method, we were required to place the chicken in the freezer bag under the water, remove all the air, then seal the bag. We should agree with Sidoti because vacuum-sealing of the chicken prevents freezer burn.

Why Does Chicken Last That Long In The Freezer?

Many of us know that frozen meat has a shelf life. It happens when the meat is not exposed to air, because if it is exposed to air then it is undergoing dehydration. Although frozen burn chickens are safe to eat, they won’t test well.

White says that freezer bags would be another method of storing chicken in the freezer. Frozen chicken tests well, but it won’t be the same if left in the freezer for a long period. Also, keep in mind that cooked chicken lasts in the freezer for up to 4 months, after that, it will lose its original test.

USDA says that like raw chicken, chopped chicken also can be stored for as long as nine months, but the condition is it should not be exposed to air. At very low temperatures and the absence of air, there is the absence of microbes that can destroy the flesh. 

That’s the main reason for the last of the chicken alone. When commercially transported from one place to another, it creates several problems. This first-time fridge was used in 1876.


We found a lot of chicken lovers in our surroundings. That’s why more than 25,000 KFC outlets are available in 145 countries in the world. From this, there is no doubt about how many people throughout the world love chicken.

We should also put our attention on the factor that causes illness among us. Sometimes, especially the time birds fly, we must avoid chicken, otherwise, we will suffer. There are several other diseases like scaly leg, Mushy chick, Avian influenza that we can get from chickens.

People who are suffering from obesity must be controlling them if possible to avoid chicken. Other people make sure chicken is cooked properly for eating.


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