How Long To Smoke Salmon (And Why)?

How Long To Smoke Salmon (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Hours to Weeks

Smoking used as a preserving method and flavoring of fish since the caveman era until modern progression in refrigeration. Curing by smoking is one of the best ways to help preserve fish and their other proteins. But the process of smoking our foods is an art form. The immersion of smoke allows an entirely unique flavor to foods, and something similar happens fishes are smoked. When accurately performed, the blend of tender flesh, salt, and smoke is synergy at its finest.

It is certainly greater than the sum of its parts. A collective rise of ambitious smoking lovers exploring new creative ways and returning venerable traditions of smoking fish. As more international cuisine it is steadily growing demand and eager smokehouses are growing up to meet this demand.

How Long To Smoke Salmon

How Long To Smoke Salmon?

Type Of Smoked SalmonTemperature; Time
Hot-Smoked Salmon120° to 180°F; 6 to 12 Hours
Cold-Smoked Salmon70°F to 90°F; 1 Day to 3 Weeks

People have been smoking salmon since before the written record. Communities from the Atlantic smoke Atlantic Salmon and North Atlantic Salmon. However, many confuse the matter by attaching their nationalities to the salmon such as Irish, Nova Scotia, Scottish, etc. but, there is no difference. The Pacific smoke Chinook Salmon, and Coho Salmon, with an occasional generic Pacific Salmon and some geographical offerings of Copper River in Wild Alaskan Salmon, and Alaska Sockeye.

Hot smoked salmon presents a wholly cooked fish, smoking it for 6 to 12 hours at temperatures covering 120° to 180°F. Largely, sold cooked or eaten just like any other cooked salmon and used in similar preparations to cold-smoked ones. For the inexperienced, some hot-smoked looks the same as cold-smoked available in the package.

The flesh is moderately completely opaque and flaky, similar to cooked fish. Usually, hot smoking includes keeping the food right above the fire or in the enclosure heated using fire. The temperatures attained in hot-smoking kills microorganisms colonizing in the food. Hot-smoked salmon can be preserved unrefrigerated on the shelf for up to 5 years.

Cold-Smoked salmon should be refrigerated. The fish, filleted and covered in a layer of salt for six hours to preserve. The salt draws out all the moisture that flavors the fish, prevents the colonization of bacteria, kills microbes then is left for drying for several hours before Cold-Smoking. It is a slow method at temperatures as low as 70°F to 90°F for a day to almost three weeks.

The food ain’t exposed over the fire like in Hot-Smoking, rather smoke is passed over the food hung in a separate unit from the fire. As the fish is uncooked, the texture of the food inside is not affected. The fish remains smooth. Cold-Smoked salmon can spoil and should be consumed within a few weeks if hand-cut but longer if it’s vacuum-packed.

Why Would It Take That Long To Smoke Salmon?

The important step in preparing smoked salmon is the salt cure. It is a method of packing fish in a dry mixture of salt and sugar and smoking as means of preservation for a reason. The salt draws moisture out of the fish also, including any microbial cells. As these unwanted bacteria die, helpful bacteria move to the lead, utilizing the sugar in the cure. The lactobacillus bacteria grow to create a more acidic environment that is not suitable for harmful bacteria.

Smoking meat and fish is another way to preserve food, not just added complex smoky flavors. The smoke from the wood comprises components that slow the growth of the microbes. These antimicrobial compounds act like disinfectants to help inhibit spoilage and delay the development of sharp flavors.

During this process, water-soluble proteins, mainly, myosin are carried to the surface of the fish. When the surface moisture dries up after curing, the dissolved layer of myosin forms a gluey, bright gel on the surface called a pellicle. The pellicle helps the fish preserve its moisture and aids in smoke infiltration during cooking time. An entirely developed pellicle is crucial for the grading of the final product. Without this, the salmon would become extremely dry.


At the most exquisite restaurants, a plate of smoked salmon, Scottish, is served as a first course at lunch, dinner, or brunch with a sprinkling of dill and capers, a lemon wedge, and some crème fraîche. It pairs wonderfully with Champagne or any good white wine.

Health experts recommend taking roughly 140 grams of salmon a week to maximize its health benefits. But when it comes to this salmon, the portion is pretty much. That is because 140 grams of smoked salmon comprises 4 grams of salt at least.

Thus, one might exceed their salt consumption limit. So, it is better to consider taking not more than 85 grams of salmon in a week. Smoked salmon is a delicacy due to the broad range of advantages it gives. Over the years, its reputation has continuously raised amidst a large portion of individuals.



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