How Long Does COBRA Last (And Why)?

How Long Does COBRA Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 18 Months

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) was launched in 1985. It was launched by the U.S Congress on the basis of the reconciliation act, which was signed by President Ronald Reagan. This insurance aims to provide all the employees with the services, and security of health insurance benefits to the person, even he after he leaves his or her job. This act has brought some major changes to the acts like Employee Retirement Income Security Act launched in the year 1974. This law was meant for a variety of changes.

These polices had made many changes in the government plan in every country like revenue collection, labors schemes, and many more scheme for the public.

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How Long Does COBRA Last?

Health Insurance is also known as medical insurance, this insurance are meant for the security of the person’s medical expenses. The health insurance is done with the complete payment process monthly or yearly. It have a monthly structure of the installment or payroll with a specific insurance agreement monthly. The benefits are administrated by the central organizations like government organizations or private organizations with are non-profitable organizations.

The Health Insurance Association of America defines all the coverage that gives the benefits of the payment for the health. This health insurance insures the loss caused due to accidents, medical test, any loss to the body part, sudden death. Health insurance policies is the documentation contract between the two party that is the insurance provider, and the costumer. This insurance policy can be done by both government, and private company.

The insurance facility is present in every country with a different set of rules and regulations. These health insurance policies are meant for public benefits only to support them during severe health emergencies. The emergencies are always sudden only but needed quick actions to save the life.

There are many forms of insurance like provided by the government or the private companies which are like In-network provider, prior authorization, formulary, and explanation of benefits.

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)18 Months
ERISA ( Employee Retirement Income Security Act)1 Months

Why Does COBRA Last That Long?

The COBRA insurance is terminated if the employer is gone out for the business. It allows coverage for about 18 months in most cases. If the person is not allowed by the social security administration, the coverage may last for at least 29 months. If there is any situation of divorce the former spouse may continue the coverage of the policy for about 36 months.

If there is death coverage the wife can claim, and get the coverage for about 36 months. The COBRA laws are not applied to employers with the employee with less than twenty people. There are many states which have stated steps for the small business policy with the name of the mini-Cobra policy. Employees can also select their plan which only covers the employee, not his or her dependent.

If the employee is not able to pay the amount for himself or the dependents they can lose the coverage. The employers have to inform the employee fifteen days before they cease the coverage. The people who are covered with the COBRA policy comes under other health programs also depending upon some conditions. The person is eligible if his a prior member of the COBRA coverage, and they are covered with the pre-existing conditions exclusions or limitations.


Life is very uncertain no one knows what can happen next. The person should be financially ready if there is any sort of health emergency in the family, but it is not possible practically. No one keeps extra money at their home like this only it is not safe, so to avoid this chose the government, and private companies have started a policy called health insurance. It is not risky, but very important for your health, and especially your family after you, to provide temporary support.


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