How Long Can a Person Get Cobra Insurance (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 36 months

Cobra means Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. It gives health benefits even after losing the job or reducing the working hours and so on.

For cobra, your first action should be to contact your HR and if this doesn’t work or some reasons you can’t able do this then you have another option too that is you can pursue a short-term health insurance plan or you can enroll in insurance through the market place or you may be eligible for Medicaid.

And if you going to choose one of these and choose to work with a licensed broker that will be the third-party representative who will serve on your behalf and help you to get the best possible plan at the lowest possible.

How Long Can a Person Get Cobra Insurance

How Long To Get Cobra Insurance?

Cobra will give the same health insurance even if you lose the job, that a company gives to an employer while doing the job.

With cobra, there is a seamless transition because there is no change in your doctor, your spouse’s coverage, or your dependence coverage which is a great thing. It is probably the easiest option additionally cobra coverage begins the day of the qualifying event and it’s retroactive which means there will be no gap in coverage. Some good news with cobra is that if you have received health insurance through your employer, you are most likely eligible for cobra. If your employer offers health insurance to more than twenty full-time employees.

They are legally mandated to offer cobra if not they are subject to a tax penalty you are eligible if you are laid off if you are quit if your hours are cut back making you ineligible for health insurance or even if you are terminated except in the case of gross misconduct now this would be for something like stealing now you can think of cobra or enrolling in cobra as a new open enrollment period during this time you can change plans you can add or remove a dependent.

Time take in cobra insurance

To enroll in cobra60 days
Long does cobra lasts18,29, 36 months

Why Does It Take Longer To Get Cobra Insurance?

Cobra will cover everything that your previous insurance policy covered. So, medical dental vision everything. Something very important to note though is you do have sixty days from the termination of benefits to enrolling in cobra. Additionally HR has to provide you with a notice of election within fourteen days but you must stay on top of it because it is in your best interest

Cobra coverage begins the day of the qualifying event and is retroactive not only is the coverage retroactive the cost is well-meaning that even if you wait the sixty days to enroll in cobra you are still on the hook for the payment of those sixty days. You are eligible for 18 months. Sometimes you may be eligible for a period of up to thirty-six months based on your circumstances qualifying circumstances would be enrolling in medicare

Legal separation or divorce or untimely death. Now you can cancel cobra at any time. You have gotten a new job or you would like to enroll in insurance through the marketplace during the annual enrollment period or maybe it’s too expensive and you need to forego insurance.

Cancellation of cobra or elective cancellation of cobra does not qualify you for the special enrollment period. However, you may be eligible if your cobra gets canceled this can happen in a couple of ways.


You move out  of the area and you cant find a provider in that area who accepts your plan or if your company goes out of business and is no longer offering health insurance to anyone they are no longer obligated to cobra

Negatives of a cobra, one of the biggest drawbacks of cobra are the cost. you have probably heard that cobra can be pretty expensive and unfortunately most of the time.

To understand where these costs come from you need to understand how your insurance with your employer worked. So, in the united states if an employer has than 50 employees they have required to provide health insurance and in addition, they are required to pay at least 50 percent of the monthly premiums-leaving you to pay the remainder.


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