How Long Does Cold Brew Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Two Weeks

Coffee in the morning is a requirement that is constant amongst all. It awakens the body and gives that much-needed energy to get going through the day. Some people are even addicted to having at least two or three cups of coffee a day.

There are many varieties of coffees available in the market. There are many ways coffee can get brewed, and the flavors also vary depending upon that. Also, there are a lot of flavors one can get in espressos and lattes.

There is another type of coffee that has garnered a lot of love from people across the world. That is called the Cold brew. It has a different flavor that feels amazing.


How Long Does Cold Brew Last?

Cold-brew or in more depth, Cold-brewed coffee is coffee where the powder gets steeped in water. The brewing gets done for more than 20 to 24 hours. That is how it got its name as a cold brew.

It is becoming famous these days for its flavor. Cold-brew takes time but eventually, the results are flavourful. However expensive and enticing it might look and feel, the shelf life is relatively short. The main reason is that it’s an edible item, and after some time, it will not be good enough to consume. The shelf life depends on other factors too. It can depend on things like the storage conditions and getting stored in a concentrated way.

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If the cold brew gets stored when it is in a concentrated solution, it will last longer. Also, if compared with hot coffee, the shelf life of cold brew is much longer. It can be even better if the cold brew gets stored in the refrigerator when it gets made. Various methods can help elongate the shelf life of cold-brew to a considerate number of days.

It can be made in huge quantities and then stored in an air-tight container. In that way, it can be of use for over a week. After a week, the taste might start degrading little by little. In the fridge, the cold brew can last as long as two weeks if the cold brew gets stored in a concentrated way. But cold brew will not last that long in the diluted form.

Way Of Storing Shelf Life Of Cold Brew
Concentrated Cold BrewUp to Two weeks
Diluted Cold Brew Maximum three days

Why Does Cold Brew Last That Long?

The main reason why even cold brew can spoil is that it is a consumable product. The shelf life can increase or decrease majorly because of the storage condition. Since it is a cold brew, it has to be mandatorily kept in the fridge so that the flavor of the cold brew comes out.

Even when stored in the fridge, it is necessary to keep the cold brew in the right way as otherwise, it will get easier for the cold brew to spoil. When spoilage gets considered, many factors play an imminent role. The reasons why cold brew only lasts for a maximum of two weeks are below:

  • The main factor that will decide how long the cold brew will stay good is in what form it gets stored. If the cold brew is going to get diluted with water, it becomes more prone to spoilage. 
  • Another factor that will determine the shelf life of cold brew is the quality of the beans. If high-quality beans get used in the brewing method, then the cold brew tends to last longer.
  • Apart from that, if the cold brew gets stored in a sealed and air-tight container, it will make the cold brew stay fresh for longer days.
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To make sure any food or edible item stays consumable has to be stored properly. It is even better if it gets stored in a fridge. When food items get stored in the refrigerator, it slows the decaying procedure for any edible item, thus extending the shelf life.

Cold-brew is the type of coffee that is loved more by people who are fond of iced coffee. However, to use it for a long time, it must be kept in a proper condition.


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