How Long Does Dysport Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 months

Dysport is a kind of botulinum toxin injection that is used for muscle spasm treatment. Dysport is known for its effectiveness to prevent wrinkles. Dysport is mostly safe for everyone, but there may be some side effects. Sometimes, the use of Dysport can cause botulinum toxicity. The treatment of the person by using the Dysport can be done without any hospital chaos.

The person is not required to get admitted to the hospital, as the doctor’s clinic would do all the treatment. Once the treatment is over, the person can leave the clinic immediately.

How Long Does Dysport Last

How Long Does Dysport Last?

Dysport How Long Does Dysport Last
Minimum time3 months
Maximum time4 months

Dysport is an outstanding treatment for wrinkles, and the effects would last around 4 months. The lasting time would not be the same for everyone, as it depends on the body type. The person’s health condition plays a vital factor in determining the lasting time and effectiveness. People with severe health conditions should not take the injection as it may cause breathing issues.

The Dysport injection would help in treating the wrinkles between the eyebrows. The injection would develop certain muscle activities that would reduce the visibility of frown lines. The results of the injection would not have permanent effects but would last temporarily. The main cause of wrinkles is the muscle movements that are repetitive.

In simple words, the repetition of muscle movement and contraction of muscles would cause wrinkles. The result of Dysport would be visible after the infection is given. The effectiveness of the treatment would be visible after 3 days of the treatment. In some people, the effectiveness may be visible in 1 to 2 days after the treatment.

Dysport would not ask for multiple dosages. The person has to take around 2 dosages every year. No person should take the Dysport dosage accordingly to their wish. The person should consult the doctor before taking the second dosage.

The person will be satisfied by 2 years of treatment as it would enhance the confidence level in the human. It would make the person look naturally beautiful by making the face more attractive. Age is another constraint for trying the Dysport treatment. If the person is under 65 years, then taking a doctor or expert’s permission is vital.

As some people may have huge side effects for the treatment, such as sore throat, droopy eyelids, and speaking difficulties.

Why Does Dysport Last This Long?

The Dysport injection would help in relaxing and reducing the movement of muscles. The muscles around the injection site would get smoother after the effects of the injection would begin.

The effectiveness of Dysport depends on the time taken by the injection to reduce the muscle movement. People who are allergic to the milk of cows should not get this treatment done.

People who are already suffering from any type of skin infection should talk to a dermatologist before trying out Dysport treatment. It’s important that every person should inform the doctor about any medication, the person is taking before the treatment. The treatment may sometimes have side effects for the other parts of the body except for the injection site.

The Dysport treatment is not a permanent treatment therefore, the results would not be long-lasting. The treatment would be done for around 2 years depending on the severity of wrinkles issues. Some people will not see the wrinkles back again.

As the whole course would be able to treat the wrinkles. In some cases, the wrinkles would come back after the course completes and the effects are gone.


Some side effects of Dysport injection are life-threatening. The person should get a full body and face check-up done, before trying out the treatment. Sinus inflammation is a common side effect of Dysport treatment.

Dysport treatment is mainly a temporary wrinkles treatment that comes with both pros and cons. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not try Dysport treatment.


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