How Long Does Economy Shipping in USA Take – (And Why)?

How Long Does Economy Shipping in USA Take – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-5 days

Commercial shipping is one of the most affordable means of transportation compared to other shipping methods. Industrial shipping is further divided into domestic economic shipping and international economic shipping. Commercial shipping takes a long time for parcels to reach their destination, but it is a cheaper means to use. In this type of transportation, boxes are carried in bulk with other items, this being a cost-effective means.

For faster delivery, the shipping done via air transport will be much costly. However, if there is no hurry, the shipping companies use the means of water or road transport, which will be slower. Courier companies that offer economical shipping in the USA include TrakPak, DHL eCommerce, USPS, and FedEx.

How Long Does Economy Shipping in USA Take

How Long does Economic Shipping in the USA take?

The duration that economic shipping takes is different according to the means of transport or the distance in the USA. The courier company that you use will also determine the time that your parcel will take to get to its destination.

Time is taken within the US

Economic shipping is courier companies in the US takes about 1-5 business days for the parcels to reach the destination. The difference comes if the states are further from each other or if the box needs to be delivered within the state. Boxes within the country take a maximum of three days to be delivered. Also, if the package needs addressing to a remote area, the time is longer compared to areas near towns and cities.

Economic Ground Shipping

Economic ground shipping is shipping goods using roads as the means of transport. Ground shipping is the preferable means for transporting bulky or heavy packages because transporting these goods via air transport is very expensive. Companies as FedEx takes 1-5 business days to transport parcels sent under economic ground shipping. The companies that deliver packages are reliable because not only do they deliver the goods on time, but they also track the products to ensure safety through scans placed on the boxes.

As for international economic shipping, light packages take 2-5 days for arrival to their respective destinations. Other packages take 3-9 days or even 7-12 days.

Reasons why it takes that long to deliver

There are various factors behind the different duration for delivery via economic shipping, as stated below.

Size of goods

Transporting bulky and heavy goods needs a larger space for delivery, so most companies prefer using roads for transport. Roads transport takes about 3-5 days to deliver goods. If the products are smaller, you have other options such as air transport, which takes a shorter duration.

Means of transport

Air transport is faster compared to water, railway or road transport. Light parcels have the advantage of being transported via air transport, and therefore they are delivered earlier. Air transport even takes one day to deliver goods compared to the five days the rest of the transport means take.


International economic shipping takes longer because it involves destinations outside the US. Most of the packages are delivered to their respective international destinations between 3-12 days compared to other to the 1-5 days of delivery for destinations within the country. For delivery within the country, it only takes a long time if the goods need to be delivered across the country or to remote areas.

Type of Company

The type of company delivering also determines the time taken. Companies such as FedEx take about 2-5 days for economic internationals shipping while USPS takes 7-12 days.

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