How Long Does Fudge Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 weeks

The flavours of fudge are extremely refreshing and fresh. The creamy texture makes the fudge more versatile for many food items. The sugar candy would be a treat for dessert lovers. The concern many dessert lovers have is how long does fudge last. Fudge can last for 3 weeks or a month if you store it properly. The best way to store the fudge is in the refrigerator.

You have to put the fudge at a cool temperature just like many other cream desserts. You have to pack the fudge correctly to store it for a longer time. Keep it at a place where the temperature doesn’t change continuously. A constant temperature is an environment for storing fudge.

How Long Does Fudge Last

How Long Does Fudge Last?

Storage Place Shelf Life
In-room temperatureUp to 2 weeks
In FridgeUp to 3 weeks (or more)

The fudge would not last more than a few weeks if you avoid storing it properly. Fudge is used in many dessert recipes. The fudge contains both milk and sugar. The two ingredients stabilized each other. Dairy products need the cold temperature to sustain for a longer time. In-room temperate the fridge can last around 2 weeks.

You should try to eat and enjoy the fudge within 2 weeks if to be stored at room temperature. If you want to enjoy the fudge for more than 2 weeks, then the storage place would be a refrigerator. Put your fudge directly in the fridge after proper packaging to make it last longer.

If you are planning to store the packed fudge at room temperature, then you have to avoid the contact of light and moisture with the fudge. Take an airtight container to store the fudge and cover it with wax paper. The fudge can start melting if the temperature changes occur. So put it somewhere in a dry place where the temperature is constant.

Before storing the fudge in the fridge, you have to put it in a tight container. Choose a container with a perfectly working seal to avoid any leakage of moisture. Don’t skip separating each layer of the fudge by using wax paper between them. Make sure the moisture could not enter inside the tight container.

Why Does Fudge Last This Long?

The judge can’t last long, as the sugar content in the fudge balances the dairy. The fudge contains better that will save it for weeks. The only criteria to be completed is to store it at a cool temperature. Storing the fudge at a cool temperature gives it the energy to last longer. All the ingredients present in fudge carve for cold temperature and less moisture.

The ingredients used for making fudge may melt at hot temperatures. This is the reason why it is recommended to store fudge at a cool temperature. You can store fudge in the freezer as well. Before storing the fudge in the freezer you have to cover and wrap it properly with wax paper. Then complete the wrapping process by putting it in aluminum foil.

If you’re strong the homemade fudge, then try to make pieces of it. You can store homemade fudge in the fridge after making small pieces of the fudge. The only motive is to prevent fudge from melting. This can be done by keeping it in the freezer or fridge. Room temperature is not a wise choice, as it may change with the weather.

You can know that the fudge is getting and as there will be a change in texture and flavors. The texture of fudge would start getting different if the fudge would start getting bad.


The fudge would be delicious, and you can enjoy it for a long time. Just make sure to store it properly at the required temperature. If the fudge gets an accurate temperature, then it would be ready to eat for a longer time. You can’t expect the fudge to stay fresh for years, but months can be possible.


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