How Long To Cook A Turkey In A Roaster (And Why)?

How Long To Cook A Turkey In A Roaster (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 13 minutes

Turkey can be great food for food lovers. You can cook a turkey in a roaster. The exact time required for cooking turkey depends on the pound of turkey to be cooked. For one pound, the time taken for roasting turkey would be around 13 minutes. The temperature is another concern for predicting the time required for cooking a turkey in a roaster.
The turkey meat would come out extremely juicy and delicious if you roast it properly. To make your turkey perfect, you need to learn the exact techniques for roasting a turkey. The temperature of the turkey should be as per requirement, or else it will go in vain. You don’t need to learn any specific recipe, as you just try the basics.

If you are a beginner (or newbie) then making turkey would be fun.

How Long To Cook A Turkey In A Roaster

How Long To Cook A Turkey In A Roaster?

Turkey (In Pounds)Roasting Time
1 pound13 minutes
5 pounds65 minutes
10 pounds130 minutes

The turkey would take 10 to 13 minutes to get properly cooked in the roaster. The time would increase according to the pounds of turkey. Before, roasting your turkey make sure, you have all the ingredients required for making the turkey. You can follow the steps correctly to make some flavorsome turkey. These are:

Step 1- You should prep (thaw) the turkey in the fridge. The best place to keep your turkey is in the refrigerator. You have to keep the turkey (for 4 to 12 pounds) for 2 to 3 days in the fridge. Thawing the turkey is vital for helping them to rest at a cool temperature.

Step 2- The second step is to adjust the temperature of your turkey. After you take the turkey out of the refrigerator. Now, it’s time to air out the turkey completely. You should place the turkey in your room to avoid any remaining water in the turkey. In-room temperature, the water will come out of the turkey. The truly would get dry and would be ready for the roasting process.

Step 3- You should try preparing the microwave for roasting your turkey. Set your oven to the required temperature and put the rack properly. Low heat is the best temperature to cook and roast the turkey. The trick is to roast your turkey till its gets brown.

Step 4- this is the most important step to make your turkey juicy and crispy. Put and spread plenty of butter underneath the skin of the turkey. Put butter properly and make sure the turkey skin is moisturized entirely.

Step 5- Seasoning will enhance the taste of the turkey. Add salt and pepper according to your taste buds. Don’t skip stuffing the neck of the turkey. Add some aromatics to increase the aroma of the turkey.

After all, these steps are completed, make sure to cover the turkey properly. Moisten (and baste) the turkey to make it roast correctly.

Why It Takes This Long To Cook A Turkey In A Roaster?

The turkey meat would take time, as it takes time to roast. The roasting process is not difficult but requires some techniques. A microwave would prepare your turkey in very little time. If you increase the weight (pounds) of the turkey, then it will take some more time. You can calculate the time by taking it 13 minutes for each pound.

There are many other ways to roast turkey, but a microwave would do the job within less time. The roasting process takes time, as it will roast the flesh of the turkey from inside and out. You have to wait while preparing your turkey in the oven. The roasting process of turkey depends on the temperature of the oven.

If the temperature of the oven is correct, then the turkey would come out properly roasted. You have to be specific about setting the temperature of the turkey.


The time taken for roasting a turkey would be worth it. the taste of roasted turkey would be outstanding with a unique aroma in it. You can try your creativity level to make your turkey excellent.


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