How Long Does Ginger Root Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Ginger Root Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 – 4 Weeks

Everybody is aware of what a ginger root is as it is a common household item available in most homes. The ginger plant is native to Asia and is infused with a lot of medicinal properties. In most kitchens, ginger is used in cooking as it helps in adding a distinctive flavor and taste to the food being prepared.

Ginger root also contains certain chemicals that have an effect in reducing swelling. Several people use ginger to control their nausea and even vomiting. It is a renowned home remedy for treating stomach pain, headaches, and various other health issues.

People use fresh or dried ginger whilst supplementing its usage for possible health benefits. Thus, to prevent this vital item from getting spoiled, one needs to know how long will ginger root last.

How Long Does Ginger Root Last

How Long Does Ginger Root Last?

Ginger root kept at room temperature1 week
Ginger root kept in the fridge1 month

People with digestion problems or even those trying to find a solution to reduce their high levels of blood pressure can use ginger to their advantage. Popularly known as a traditional folk medicine as it is been used widely since ancient times for its medicinal properties, ginger root has helped many people ameliorate their health. Not just only like a medicine, ginger is also widely used and recognized in dishes for its unique taste.

If one intends on using the ginger root within a week from the time it is brought, then one could without any doubt let the ginger root stay out in open at room temperature. In such a case, one can simply place it in the pantry unpeeled or can keep it on the kitchen countertop to be used when needed.

However, if one does not have an immediate use for ginger and does not want this miraculous ingredient to get spoiled, one can try keeping it inside a refrigerator to lengthen its shelf life. By keeping ginger root inside the fridge, one can keep it in good condition for about a month.

If the ginger root is allowed to be at room temperature for more than 7 days, it will start to dry out. Thus, those planning for long-term storage of ginger should store the ginger root inside their fridge where it can stay fresh for a longer duration without drying out and losing its properties and flavors.

Why Does Ginger Root Last This Long?

Just like every ingredient, ginger root also gets spoiled when kept unused for a prolonged period. When the ginger starts developing a few tiny molds on its root, it is time to discard that ginger. Due to the growth of mold, the ginger loses all its nutritional value and thus, starts to rot quickly. Spoiled ginger also gives out an unpleasant odor which signifies that it has become unfit for use.

When storing ginger to prevent it from going bad, one must keep in mind that bigger and larger pieces stay good for a longer duration. Thus, one can conclude that the bigger and larger the ginger pieces are, the longer they will stay good inside the fridge. When one is planning to store the ginger to keep it fresh for longer periods, it is highly recommended that one keep the ginger roots unpeeled and whole. This will help ginger to retain its flavors better.

How long will the ginger root last heavily depends on how it is stored. The storing conditions would differ from place to place as per the environmental conditions of that region. Always remember that when it comes to storing ginger, the refrigerator is one’s best friend. Ginger stays good for a long time when kept in cold temperatures and thus, it stays good for about a month when kept inside the fridge.


Ginger root, fresh, raw, or powdered, forms part as an essential ingredient in most kitchens. The peculiar taste of ginger adds depth and dimension to any dish it is added to. It is an interesting ingredient that has multiple uses and can be used in a variety of ways.

One can easily comprehend when the ginger has turned bad. Ginger root has a very distinctive fragrance to it. When that smell goes away, one can take a clue that the ginger has spoiled. Usually, ginger root stays good for about 1 week outside the fridge and for about 1 month inside the fridge.


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