How Long Does Ginger Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Ginger Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 weeks

The ginger can be stored for around 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Many people prefer storing ginger in the fridge. In the fridge or refrigerator, the ginger would stay fresh for around 3 weeks. If someone can use the ginger in one week, then normal room temperature would work for storing ginger.

Everybody can store it in the kitchen and use it within 1 week. If the ginger is peeled or cut into pieces, then don’t store it directly. Take an aluminium foil and wrap the ginger to protect the exposed part of the ginger. The shelf life of ginger would depend on how someone stores it. There are many other ways to prevent ginger from getting bad.

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How Long Does Ginger Last?

Ginger How Long Does Ginger Last
Minimum shelf life1 week
Maximum shelf life3 weeks

Ginger is a versatile root used in many kitchens for its amazing flavors and health benefits. These are great spices that can be used for a long time if store properly. Ginger in simple words is a stem that is used for cooking and remedies. As ginger grows underground, therefore people call it a root and not a stem.

To have the ginger for a long time in the kitchen, the person should choose the best quality ginger. Sometimes, the quality of the ginger may have been compromised, and this can reduce the shelf life. Some techniques to keep the ginger for a long time are:

Cover the ginger with a paper towel or with a bag before putting it inside the fridge.

Use the acidic liquid to increase the shelf life of ginger. Everybody can use vinegar and lemon juice to store the peeled ginger. Make sure the peeled ginger is submerged in the vinegar or lime juice completely. Everybody can store the minced ginger in the fridge for a long time. 

Never try to place or store the minced or peeled ginger at the normal room temperature as there will be moisture exposure to it.

Always make a note that ginger hates moisture and water. These two can start degrading the quality of the ginger. The ginger would start getting bad very quickly if someone place it near extreme heat. The convenient temperature for ginger is either cold or normal room temperature.

Why Does Ginger Last This Long?

The ginger is the root, and it can stay for more than 3 weeks in the fridge. There are both healthy and unhealthy gingers. The healthy ginger would go well for a long time. The person can know about the health of the ginger by looking at its texture, colour, and structure. The healthy ginger would look brown and firm when someone touches it.

There won’t be a lot of defects in the ginger. Healthy ginger would be extremely fresh with a good smell. The unhealthy ginger would be quite wet and the texture would not be firm. The shelf life of ginger depends on the storage, health, and how someone keeps it. If someone would like to keep the cut ginger at room temperature, then it would go bad in a very short span.

A cool temperature place such as a fridge is the most suitable place for storing ginger as the ginger would stay safe from any type of moisture contact. Just don’t forget to keep it in a tight container or sealed bag.

During the initial days, people can keep the ginger at room temperature. After the ginger would start showing the sign of aging, then place it in the fridge. The ginger would start getting softer, and this is the time one should shift the ginger to the fridge.


The ginger can be stored for around 21 days without any issues in the refrigerator. If someone sees any change in smell, color, or texture in the ginger, then stop using it. Always try to get less amount of ginger as they may not survive for months together. Make sure the ginger is stored far away from the sunlight as heat can affect its freshness.

This root can be stored in both whole and cut form.



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