How Long Does Heat Rash Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Heat Rash Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 To 4 Days

The rash can affect any part of the skin. A rash is a symptom of skin inflammation and can be red, tingling, painful, and uncomfortable. There are different types of skin rashes. Heat rash is one of them, also called miliaria or prickly heat.

Prickly heat occurs when the pores are clogged and sweating cannot get out of the skin. It can affect almost all people from every age group in hot and humid atmospheric conditions. It is caused when the surface of the skin gets rubbed together. In adults, it develops between the inner thighs and underarms. In children, prickly heat may appear around the neck, elbows, and thighs.

How Long Does Heat Rash Last

How Long Does Heat Rash Last?

Heat rash is a skin condition. People with fever, excess sweating, and weight problem are more likely to get heat rash. Heat rash can last for about 3 to 4 days with treatment done in time. Heat rash can affect babies, children, and adults. Skin conditions can be crystalline heat rash, red heat rash, and deep heat rash. The time required for recovery depends on whether the person is affected by normal heat rash or severe heat rash. Severe miliaria can last for several weeks.

Heat Rash ( Types)Time Taken To Cure
Miliaria crystalline24 hours
Miliaria Rubra2 to 3 days
Miliaria profundaMore than 24 hours

There are some different symptoms among all the types of heat rashes. Miliaria crystalline is the common form of heat rash that occurs in the top layer of the skin. It causes while and small bumps with the measure of 1-2 millimeters. It also does not cause itching and pain and is common in babies rather than in adults. Miliaria Rubra is prickly heat that occurs in the deeper layer of the skin. It causes large bumps, pain, and itching in the affected area. The bumps are filled with pustular and called miliaria pustulosa. Miliaria Profunda is the heat rash that occurs in the deepest layer of the skin. Sweat is excreted on the skin, causing inflammation, larger bumps, and flesh-colored bumps.

If you have symptoms like small bumps, prickling agitation, or swelling on the skin, if you have these symptoms then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Ensure you receive proper treatment. Since this doctor uses a dermoscopy to examine the skin, it is difficult to spot the darkened skin. On white skin, it appears as a red bump that is not difficult to find. Heat rash can affect areas that sweat more like the armpits, neck, and back. It can also appear where the skin rubs against clothing (such as the chest, abdomen, and back).

Why Does Heat Rash Last That Long?

Due to excessive sweating, the heat rash will last for that long. Heat rash is not a lifelong condition. The severity of symptoms does not last forever. Most people ignore the symptoms and later, it becomes severe.

The main cause of any type of heat rash is infections. There are other many possible causes of heat rash that are easy for the doctor to diagnose as there is no test for heat rash. This problem occurs due to hot and humid conditions, strenuous exercise, high fever, cessation of over-wearing, thick lotions, and creams that can cause a rash.

The most important thing is to find the cause and treat it immediately. Wearing loose clothes, avoiding going to hot and humid places, and keeping skin dry can help in the treatment. If prickly heat does not disappear, the doctor may recommend applying a topical lotion such as calamine or lanolin to reduce the itching or any further damage to the skin.


Heat rash is a minor pain that will get better in a matter of days. If you have any symptoms on your skin, you must see a doctor immediately. One should follow different tips to prevent heat rash such as avoiding wearing tight clothes, do not apply heavy lotions that can block the pores of the skin, staying in cooler places, trying soaps that will not dry up the skin, staying hydrated, light bedding and avoid staying in wet clothes. Prickly heat is very common in summer, so be sure to stay in a cool and dry place to avoid prickly heat. Heat rash does not last forever and with proper treatment, it will get cured within a few days.


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