How Long Does It Take Facebook To Review A Photo (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 to 48 Hours

Reviewing a photo is the same as checking a photo to identify that the photo is real or fake as we all have heard about the fake accounts made in social media accounts. Everyone has chatted with one of the fake accounts in our lives.



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So to avoid fraudulent activities on social media Facebook reviews our photos and numbers to be sure that the accounts created on their application are real and not fake. Some people post photos that involve hate speech which may cause violence among people and some others edit photos of others through Photoshop and project them in a bad way. Reviewing helps to reduce these kinds of crimes.

How Long Does It Take Facebook To Review A Photo

How Long Does It Take Facebook To Review A Photo?

DurationWhat happens?
24 to 48 hoursFacebook is reviewing the photo
Longer than 48 hoursYour account will be closed permanently

The minimum time taken to review a photo uploaded by the user is 24 hours. If the photo is real and it does not have any issues and the clarity and identification of the photo has no problem, then the photo will be reviewed within 24 hours. The uniqueness of every photo is important and therefore Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence to check the photo.

Facebook uses Artificial intelligence to review the photographs and so it is completed within 24 hours. If this Artificial intelligence detects some issues, then your photo will be sent to Facebook for manual review. The manual review process is also fast as it will only take 48 hours for Facebook to review the photos sent by the million users to Facebook to have an account.

So everyone should be careful while uploading photos on Facebook. As there is a case which I heard where Facebook blocked a business account that was willing to pay to Facebook for promotion and the icon of that account was of an avatar. The person who was operating that business account has already used his phone number in his private account.

So Facebook was also unable to reach him and the last resort which was left for Facebook was to block that account. But that account was not a fake one. It was an official account used for business purposes and it also has an official website for selling the products. Just because of an avatar Facebook and businessman had a loss.

Why Does It Take 24 To 48 Hours For Facebook To Review a Photo?

You all will be having a question that, why does it take 24 hours or 48 hours to just check one photo. I mean it’s not rocket science to check a photo right? But, how many of you are thinking the same thing? You must have gotten your answer right? If not, then let me explain. There are almost billions of accounts on Facebook which are real and there are thousands of accounts on Facebook which were fake.

Now that Facebook has started to delete fake accounts the number of fake accounts would have reduced. So Facebook has to cross-check the new user’s profile to already existing ones and then approve or reject the fake accounts. So even if we use artificial intelligence then too it will take some time to review photographs. It’s a simple logic like why would artificial intelligence mess with your account and reject or block purposely.

So we have to make sure that the photos we use or sent for the review have to be our original photo and not the fake photos we have found on google. We all want to and have to avoid fake accounts for our personal and professional well-being. So we need to wait patiently for our photos to be reviewed.

Technology has grown very much these days but before using any tech one must be aware of both the good and bad in it and use it accordingly. Use technology in a way that helps us grow and would benefit us in every way.


These days, with the help of social media we can make a lot of friends, develop or promote our business, and purchase a lot of lovable products for reasonable prices. There are a lot of advantages only if we use it in the right way.

Everyone should know what should be posted and what should not be posted on social media. As responsible parents and adults, we should prevent children from using social media as they do not know what is right and what is wrong. All must be aware of the accounts which are fake and which ones are real to be safe in society.


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