How Long After Joining Facebook Is Marketplace Available (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 11-12 months

Facebook was an initiative by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues in the year 2004. It’s an American company giving an online platform for several purposes connecting the world from one corner to another through it.

It also informs us about several happenings around us through which we are not aware.

Like this, it also has an option of the marketplace in it, which provides options like selling, buying, or trading different products in their nearby area with good quality and even flexible in contacting the vendors.

It’s easy to browse on the Facebook marketplace. It’s a commercial platform where trading had become very easy both for buyers and sellers.

How Long After Joining Facebook Is Marketplace Available


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How Long After Joining Facebook Is Marketplace Available?

Availability of the option11-12 months
Age requirement of the user18 years old

After introducing the marketplace icon on Facebook, it’s acting like is for many people to earn money and even contact more customers and it’s easy to reach those people who don’t even know about online shopping.

It provides options like browsing and surfing through this and provides some of the best products to your dear ones at an affordable price.

Facebook Marketplace 2

Before further discussions, we should know that Facebook has imposed restrictions on the users regarding the use of the marketplace. It has imposed instructions like above 18 years users can use the marketplace icon in it.

It has also added that the new users on Facebook won’t have the marketplace icon. It will be available on their user-id within 11-12 months.

It will be based on their interest in using Facebook and their search interests based on the pages. After all, this page also helps in the promotion of the beginners, who are interested in selling or trading, in simple words in business through it.

facebook is marketplace

We can even create item listings. Specifically, we can consider it as an e-marketplace fulfilling all our demands and showing varieties in products.

Every user on Facebook doesn’t avail of the marketplace icon in their user-id. This is the new restriction imposed by Facebook to avoid scammers who frequently delete and recreate more profiles to sell fabricated item which is banned by the authorities of Facebook from one of the accounts.

Due to such problems, the new users face frustration and they get confused why the option isn’t available.

Why Is Marketplace Available So Long After Joining Facebook?

Sometimes even due to server error, these options get automatically removed. Because sometimes the most used pages are shown in the homepages and the other icons are removed.

As a huge brand, Facebook brings many updates. It frequently does changes to replace bugs to provide the best.

If your use is infrequent then there might be a chance that you miss some updates. Its accessibility and user interface also change with time.

Your participation is very important to get access to different updates. Facebook provides extra features to users who have huge fan followers or have great influence over the platform.

Facebook Marketplace

You will get an activity log to keep track of your activities. You can build a huge community of like-minded people.

Getting the important features of the marketplace is not a difficult task. But sometimes a technical glitch creates a lot of problems.

You can contact the team or you can upgrade your device. Location restrictions are also there so make sure of the availability of your region. 

The role of Facebook in today’s world is the most useful thing. In today’s world, the role of Facebook is mostly important to teenagers where they have some new idea about trading, selling, buying, or the start-up businesses, and they get introduced to a new environment.

Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace is not only Facebook or any other social media marketplace, it also means eBay, Flipkart, or any other marketing apps which encourage online shopping online trading, interacting with customers, connecting the people around the world through it and giving unlimited offers, discounts, savings and providing them with the best quality products showing varieties.


In today’s world, teenagers are very much aware of technology and they just try to act smart. They just create more and more user IDs to get more benefits at once.

Sometimes they open a user ID in other names to sell the band fabricated item from their other ID.

This is illegal due to which the Facebook owner and the authorities had decided to put restrictions on using the marketplace by the beginners and the marketplace option is not found on the home page and is not available for beginners.

Hence Facebook has maintained its decorum and provides the best service and avails marketplace as per the activity of users.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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