How Long Does It Take For A Hemorrhoid To Shrink (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A Hemorrhoid To Shrink (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 7 days

Hemorrhoids can be painful and come with many unpleasant symptoms. Hemorrhoids may take up to 7 days to go. It depends on the type of hemorrhoid the person has. There are several treatments and medical care that are required for hemorrhoids to shrink. Hemorrhoids may shrink on their own if the size is extremely small.

It is always recommended to show hemorrhoids to the doctor, as the doctor is the best person to say the treatment. Hemorrhoids can take a lot of time to shrink in some cases, as it depends on son the size of the hemorrhoids. The intensity of pain and other symptoms would influence the time required for hemorrhoids to shrink.

It’s not correct to predict an exact time for the hemorrhoids to shrink, as people have to consider many factors.


How Long Does It Take For Hemorrhoid To Shrink?

Hemorrhoids Healing TimeHow Long Does It Take For Hemorrhoid To Shrink
Minimum time period2 to 3 days
Maximum time period7 days

The average time hemorrhoids may take to shrink is around 7 days. There may be some type of hemorrhoids that may take a longer time, and this can increase many health risks. If someone finds the hemorrhoid is taking a lot of time to shrink, then taking medical help is pivotal. If people would not take medical help, then hemorrhoids may not shrink.
This condition would increase the risk of blood clotting and many other complications. hemorrhoids may come without any notice, as there is no fixed way or timing. It will not be a wise choice to try many home remedies until the doctor asks you to do. The person having hemorrhoids should try having food with high fiber in their diet.

Eating foods such as junk may not help in healing the symptoms. The person is required to maintain a good diet with proper fiber intake. The diet plays a very important role in predicting how many days it would take for the hemorrhoids to shrink. Therefore, the person should have a good diet (traditional diet) with no processed food.

Eating food that supports good bowel movement would help in preventing the formation of hemorrhoids to some extent. Eating a good amount of water is vital for helping hemorrhoids shrink. The hemorrhoids can shrink with time if your body would be hydrated completely. Hydration of the body is vital for any type of recovery and it should be strictly followed.

Why Does It Take This Long For Hemorrhoid To shrink?

The hemorrhoids need some time to shrink. Tropical medication may support the shrinking of hemorrhoids. The tropical medication re effective for reducing the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids. This may lead to shrinking the hemorrhoids. There are many things to be considered for making the hemorrhoids shrink.

The person has to follow a good diet and lifestyle. If the person sees no change in the hemorrhoids after a few days, then the doctor’s help is needed. There are a lot of products available in the market to help hemorrhoids to shrink. Products such as creams, ointments, and pain relievers may help in overcoming the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids can be dangerous if not treated in the initial stage. There are many cases, where the hemorrhoids don’t shrink in a long time. These conditions can make the hemorrhoids dangerous, and it may call for surgery. If people face hemorrhoids are coming many times, then they may have to go for surgery to remove them.

It’s not true that hemorrhoids can be dangerous always, but some cases may turn out to be extremely risky. The hemorrhoids may go on their own if the proper treatment is done at the initial stage. Many people take hemorrhoids carelessly and this can bring many repercussions of hemorrhoids.


The hemorrhoids may shrink in 7 days. Some people may take a few more days, depending on many factors. People who follow the correct diet and keep themselves healthy may get over the issues of hemorrhoids in a few days.



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