How Long Can You Stay In Stage 3 Kidney Disease (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 – 28 years

Kidneys are the bean-shaped fist-sized body part in the human body. The primary functioning of the kidney is to filter blood from the waste products. It also maintains the fluid level in the human body by eradicating the extra fluid. Urine is the kidney product, which is created by filtering the blood in the body.

It produces hormones that help in the regulation of blood pressure. It also produces a vital form of vitamin D, which helps bones stay healthy and strong. Thus, kidneys are so paramount to the human body. Many factors affect the working of kidneys, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

How Long Can You Stay In Stage 3 Kidney Disease

How Long Can You Stay In Stage 3 Kidney Disease?

Five different stages are segmented by the doctors based on kidney diseases. The kidney issues symptoms may not be noticed during the first two stages, but it becomes more apparent in the third stage.

Red, dark yellow, or orange urine, pain in the lower back, high blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, and sometimes fluid retention. These are the most common Stage 3 Kidney disease symptoms. Stage 3 kidney disease diminishes half the functioning of the kidney.

Compared to a healthy kidney, the stage 3 affected kidney works only half of its capacity. In most cases, patients undergo ancillary issues like increased blood pressure and pain in bones. Stage 3 Kidney Disease has two different stages.

In the first stage of stage 3a – GFR ranges between 45%-59%. In the next stage, the GFR ranges between 30%-44%. Kidney disease can not be cured completely, but it could be treated to stop its expansion at certain stages.

Thus, in stage 3, the kidney starts undergoing mild to moderate damage. It can be treated as soon as its symptoms get detected. Most people got panic after knowing about their kidney problems.

Kidney transplants and dialysis are required for those patients when their kidneys stop working altogether. Stage 3 kidney problems can be treated to stop further kidney problems.

Prescribed medication and a healthy diet are required to balance the kidney’s blood pressure and working capacity. Proper medical treatment and healthy diet guidance play an essential role in it. Consult a doctor for expanding the life expectancy.

GenderLife Expectancy
Men24 years
Women28 years

Why Can You Stay In Stage 3 Kidney Disease So Long?

Though one cannot get rid of kidney disease from the roots, switching to a healthy diet can help. It strengthens the kidneys to work for a longer span. Good functioning of the kidneys will help the patients to survive for a long journey and reduce the progress rate of disease.

There is no particular diet plan which is given to stage 3 kidney patients. The diet plan is prepared based on a patient’s health. That is why the diet plan varies from patient to patient.

The diet plan depends upon the different needs of your body organs and strengthening the working of the kidney. It should contain good protein meals to meet the regular protein requirement in the body.

Addition of legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits to diet for providing a good amount of nutrition to the body. It is important to maintain the intake of carbohydrates, especially for those who are suffering from diabetes.

Make sure that the PTH level stays normal as it helps in preserving the functioning of the kidneys. Prefer not to take dietary supplements. Apart from the healthy diet plan.

It is equally important to take medicines. It helps in expanding the lifespan of the kidney in stage 3. These things will help in reducing the progress of Stage 3 kidney problems.


There is no permanent solution to cure stage 3 kidney disease. But there are certain ways through which one can slow the progression of the disease. Monitor all the changes in your body from time to time. Consult with the doctor to know about regular exercises.

Indulge yourself in regular exercises, a healthy diet and stop smoking. These three factors help in prolonging the life cycle of the kidney. Stage 3 is a crucial stage to take care of yourself at this point. If one fails to do so, it may lead to some serious kidney problems.



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