How Long Does It Take For Milk To Dry Up (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7-10 days

Breastfeeding is joyous and challenging. There’s no secret to it. All of us want breastfeeding to be an uncomplicated and straight shot, but it’s always the reverse. From the time of feeding to the actual milk supply, the condition differs for every mother. Some women prefer not to breastfeed. The process of milk production springs around the midway of pregnancy, regularly around 16 to 22 weeks, and is available for the baby in a few days after their birth.

Wondering when milk dries during breastfeeding? Well, it’s common nothing to worry about. Women who prefer to breastfeed, start to wean off of it completely. For that, you need to know what will create your milk to start withering up and the time taken for drying.

How Long Does It Take For Milk To Dry Up

How Long Does It Take For Milk To Dry Up?

Breastmilk drying waysDuration
Naturally7-10 days
Birth Control Pills5-7 days

For those who’re willing to quit breastfeeding, the total time it takes for the breast milk to dry up will vary from person to person. Consider it as a simple drill of economics related to supply and demand. If your newborn baby is breastfeeding regularly, then the milk stock from your breast would quickly replace it. On the opposite hand, when there is no demand for milk, then the requirement to supply milk would gradually fade away with time.

So, the normal time required for milk to dry up is in between 7 to 10 days after the breastfeeding process completely stops. For that, it depends on how it’s addressed, the method might be somewhat embarrassing if it gets speed up. If you’re striving to wean, then you can mark extra feelings of distress. This happens because of breasts swelling or getting engorged as you aren’t feeding or pumping frequently. For that, take a hot water shower for relief. Else, you can cut refrigerated cabbage leaves and put them inside your bra, such that you get relief from severe engorgement. Also, you can take medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) that help you feel better while trying to wean off or quit breastfeeding. Next, you can place an ice pack that would relieve inflammation and pain.

Why Does It Take Long For Milk To Dry Up?

When an infant is born after a few days milk generation begins. There are symptoms that you need to look for to determine whether if your breasts are developing in abundance. When your breasts become baggy, solid, engorged, swollen, or fiery. Also, when milk is dripping from the mother’s breasts. It also depends on the infant’s response to your breasts or feeding habits. The overall offering of your breast milk fluctuates. The more mature milk you have the whiter it looks.

If you notice that your milk is starting to dry up, then there are a few things that have to be exercised to make this possible. Sometimes, your body might not receive the impression that you don’t need to breastfeed as often or simply you don’t require anymore. If this is the case, then follow a few homemade tricks and obtain a valuable method that suits your requirements.

First, you can consume a cup of sage tea. Have it one to two times a day. And see the difference. Next, is birth control pills but before taking these pills you need to consult your doctor. With the pill, you need a proper supply of milk. Also, there are decongestants that work by penetrating gateways and drying up mucus inside the system. To avoid drying of breast milk you need to avoid wearing tight bras, body pumping, massaging your breasts, and quit without weaning.


Stopping breastfeeding is simpler but it is quite uncomfortable and irregular. If you are in touch with some medical expert then take some significant measures that make you feel that it is right for you and your infant. Then, you can handle breastfeeding with much more ease.

In case you feel that you can’t breastfeed then also it’s understandable. Enjoy giving birth and the whole journey of a new beautiful life coming into the world. Get ready to embrace your parenthood journey.



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