How Long Is A Person Asymptomatic (And Why)?

Exact Answer: > 20 Days

In this world, everyone suffers from an illness. He/she has to be taken care of in these conditions. Their surroundings know that they are sick when they show some kind of symptoms. In case of fever, a person will have a burning temperature and will have muscle pain, while in case of cough and cold, the person will have a coughing problem and headache.

But there are exceptions in this world. Some people do not show any kind of symptoms when suffering from any kind of disease. These people are asymptomatic. The period varies from person to person. It can range from 10 days to more than 70 days.

How Long Is A Person Asymptomatic


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How Long Is A Person Asymptotic?

Common cold, Flu, Fever4-5 days

An asymptomatic person has to be very careful with his/her surroundings. During an illness, it becomes very difficult for them to know anything and take proper medications. No person is asymptotic from birth. This condition can occur in any stage of life or even for a certain disease only. Not until the person feels something, they have to live in constant fear.

Being late to get diagnosed can sometimes lead to suffering from more serious conditions. The time factor is very disturbing in these situations. During a fever, there may be no symptoms, and even before the person feels anything, the disease gets cured. Later that person might feel weak but will not know the reason behind it.

When a person has flu, that person can transfer the virus to another person without knowing. He/ she may be asymptomatic but the other person suffers.

The longer this characteristic, the longer it finds a cure. 10 days to 70 days is an average period which the doctors have got. Sudden bleeding from the nose can come as a surprise, but when looked carefully, that person might be suffering from high blood pressure for more than a couple of months without medication as there were no signs.

Why Does A Person Is Asymptomatic For So Long?

A person can be asymptomatic for a short period or maybe a long period. He/she can be a child, teenager, adult, or old. Being asymptomatic does not mean suffering from any kind of disease. There is no kind of medication for these conditions. A person has to maintain a proper diet to build their immune system to fight back in case of any kind of disease.

There not be any kind of symptoms but the immunity system in the body always try to defend against any kind of foreign particle. The non-communicable disease can still be defended against but the problem arises in the case of non-communicable disease. That is why it always advisable to get checked by the doctor regularly.

As mentioned above, asymptomatic itself is not any kind of disease but acts as a cover for the illness without letting the sufferer know about it. Even if the disease has been cured during the asymptomatic phase, it is important to consult a doctor and take proper medication and get the people around that person also checked.

Lastly, in a few cases, it is seen that more than one person suffers from some disease in the same family but none of them show any kind of symptoms. This is a mass asymptomatic behavior.


Asymptomatic patients can carry more than one virus in their bodies. Any kind of contact can lead to passing on the virus. Sometimes people also ignore symptoms after 10 days of the disease and think the symptoms are due to medications. These should never be encouraged as it might be possible that the disease has not completely been cured and it has reached another phase.

Nothing should be done without consulting the doctor as it might lead to something bigger. Studies have shown that every person can be asymptomatic and it does not depend on genes. So it is always advisable to be well and take proper protection.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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