How Long After Weaning Does Milk Stop (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 10-17 days 

Weaning is the process where the infant or baby is stopped from breastfeeding and exposed to the adult diet, which requires the drying up of milk from the mother’s breast. Sometimes, it’s also possible to feel a letdown sensation or leaking of milk up to several weeks or few months even after suppressing lactation. So the weaning process is sometimes recommended but the process is not always feasible.

Even after that, this process helps in drying up the skin gradually. Abrupt weaning may be infectious and stressful for both baby and mother. So let’s have some more ideas about this topic.

How Long After Weaning Does Milk Stop

How Long After Weaning Does Milk Stop?

Time is taken for milk to dry up 7-10 days
Time is taken to stop milk from leaking completely10-17 days

As we all know, doctors recommend mother’s milk for newly born babies because it will protect them from infection and harmful contaminants from the environment. Their body is sensitive to the new environment because the mother’s womb and the outer world vary a lot.

While suppressing lactation and after proper nourishment, the baby is allowed to gradually adopt the adult’s environmental style like their food style or living style. Still, proper sanitation and care are taken because the harshest the situation can’t be bearable by the baby. So the gradual weaning process mostly opts over the abrupt weaning. 

Usually, when the baby grows up to the age of 2 to 3 years the baby should start consuming adult foods like rice, chapati, etc. So the breastfeeding process gradually meets an end. At the beginning of weaning, the baby is given both an adult diet and a mother’s milk also. Slowly the skin starts drying up as the number of feeding decreases. Still up to 2-3 weeks or several weeks more the leaking happens in some cases. Most probably in almost all cases, it stops within 15 – 17 days.   

Breastfeeding is considered to be the most acceptable process by doctors and also mother’s for a healthy life being of the child that is to help them in growing strong and also maintaining the immunity system of the baby. But after a certain age, when the baby starts following the adult’s diet, then the process of breastfeeding gradually ends. So it’s not possible to stop the lactation process instantly. So the process of weaning is followed.

Why Does Milk Stop So Long After Weaning?

As we know all mom’s care nourishment at a stage is changed when we gradually grow up. Similarly, breastfeeding a good thing should also meet an end as it’s not an exception. But, the body’s ability to produce milk at a significant rate doesn’t stop instantly. So, weaning is the best process in which breastfeeding stops gradually without any pain or infection to both the mother and baby. But, if we need a sudden stop in the production of milk or breastfeeding we may switch over to engorgement or any other process.

The best time where a mother should opt for weaning off breastfeeding is after one year. But usually, mothers who face the problem during the process due to insufficient milk supply or pain while feeding weans within six months. They may also have problems getting the baby latched. Those who start weaning before one year of the baby should provide her proper nutrition for her nourishment and proper health which will not arise an issue later. However, after one year of the baby, cow’s milk would be a better option. 

We can manage to perform weaning, by breastfeeding it can be performed in a controlled and smooth way. It will check the enlargement of breast size and the chances of  mastitis or clogging remain limited. Skipped sessions can be a little easier for the baby. This will be easy to handle. Initially, list out the favorite foods of your infant and then avoid giving it to them, you can start weaning like this. It will also help you to keep the child’s  attention away from his feeding time. You can change the feeding item at the usual time. 


The moment, the baby stops breastfeeding or the timetable is changed, It doesn’t graze for feeding anymore. She slowly prefers adult food which he likes, the baby craves all new items whichever is kept in front of him. Slowly the weaning off gives a successful result. And even we can observe that once weaning starts it takes 10 – 17 days for the process to stop completely. 

But if after that the production of milk or leaking continues then it’s due to hormonal imbalance, which should be shown to the doctor and should follow properly prescribed medication. So, every mother can opt for weaning as a good choice to stop lactation. 


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