How Long Does It Take For Testosterone Injection To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Weeks

Testosterone therapies are among some of the very incredible inventions of science. If a person is suffering from problems of low testosterone count, these injections can be of much use. These therapies inject testosterone injections into the body of the patient which helps to reverse or completely end the effects of its low count.

Due to this, there are several impacts seen on the patient. There are changes in his sexual performance, physical appearance, and thinking attitudes and patterns. These testosterone injections also have an impact on diabetes levels and other health issues.

All these changes bring about a near-complete change in the person.

How Long Does It Take For Testosterone Injection To Work

How Long Does It Take For Testosterone Injection To Work?

As discussed, testosterone injections bring about a radical change when injected inside the body. However, the change does not take place within a night but it may take up a few weeks before the patient sees a positive impact on this.

The following table shows and summarises all the effects that the injections are projected to have and at what time after the first testosterone injection:

EffectsTime Taken
The body experiences an increase in insulin sensitivity.A few days
Better sex life and betterment in the standard of life3 Weeks
Further improved sex life and reduction in cholesterol levels4 Weeks
General mood improvement and combating depression6 Weeks
Better glycemic control and increase in production of RBCs12 Weeks
Increase in bone density and rise in PSA levels24 Weeks

In 3 weeks, there is an increase in sexual thoughts, fantasies and morning erections. It also leads to a reduction in anxiety and depression and also helps to improve social connections.

After 4 weeks of taking testosterone injections, there is a further increase in erections and leads to a better and satisfying sex life. It also causes a decrease in triglycerides. In 6 weeks, there is a general and visible improvement in mood and reduction in the symptoms of depression.

In a year, there are better blood pressure conditions, a considerable change in body and fat mass and also a rise in the capacity of body exercise. In two years, there is a rise in the PSA levels of the man and an increase in his bone density, apart from the sustained betterment in sex life.

Why Does Testosterone Injection Take That Long To Work?

There are several dynamic forces at play when a person takes testosterone therapy. The chemical composition of injection, the original testosterone levels, and the general lifestyle of the body are a few important factors. Although the first two factors are constant, any significant change in the daily lifestyle may be a cause of concern.

The testosterone injections need time to work. They cannot bring radical and sweeping changes to the body, mind, and sexual space of the person overnight. They have to first get adjusted to the body and then slowly, they begin to show effects.

Although not directly affecting the performance of the testosterone injections, yet the lifestyle of the person can help to boost its effect on the body and mind. If the patient leads a good lifestyle like sound sleep, healthy food, and exercising regularly, these factors act as a force multiplier and help achieve the results faster.

On the contrary, if the injected person maintains a bad lifestyle such as irregular sleep, junk food, and no exercise, it might derail the course of progress in his body.

It may be noted that the timeframe of changes achieved in a certain number of weeks is relative. This means that there is no hardened rule for a change and it differs from person to person. There may be cases when a person experiences change at a faster pace than his other co-patients who may take longer to see positive results.


Testosterone injections are quite helpful in bringing about drastic changes in the patient’s body. Slight changes in the body take place within a week. However, the testosterone injections might take up to two years to show their complete effects

Testosterone injections lead to a boost for passion in the sex life, improved functioning of the heart, and a better lipid profile, besides helping to combat depression and stress issues. However, one must not take such medication on his own, and consultation with a doctor is highly recommended.



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