How Long Do Panic Attacks Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 20 Minutes

The panic is a sudden increase in the anxiety level. Panic attacks cause one to get scared and develops fear. The panic attacks will cause trouble in breathing and dizziness. In some cases, panic attacks may last beyond 20 minutes. Normally, the time will be from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for a panic attack to last.

Panic attacks may come due to many reasons and would be dangerous in some cases. Sometimes, the panic attacks last more than 10 to 25 minutes and are called panic disorders. There are many treatments available to top the panic attacks problems with very few symptoms. The symptoms of a panic attack would be mainly an increase in anxiety, stress, and fear.

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last?

Types of panic attacksHow long do panic attacks last
Spontaneous or uncued panic attacksUp to 10 minutes
Situationally bound or cued panic attacksUp to 20 minutes
Situationally predisposed panic attacksUp to 20 minutes

The maximum time a panic attack will last is up to 20 minutes. Some people may experience panic attacks for 5 to 10 minutes. There is no specific evidence about what are the causes of panic attacks. The doctor and experts call panic attacks a consequence of anxiety and stress.

When someone is in danger, then there is a chance of getting panic attacks. Women have more chance of getting panic attacks as compared to men. Sometimes, people may experience panic attacks without any specific signs.

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Some of the most visible causes of panic attacks are:

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

Breathing issues

Heart problems

Mental disorders

Too much caffeine intake every day

Asthma problems

Too much medicine intake for heart problems or asthma

Using drugs

Depression for a long time

The chances of a panic attack increase if anyone parents of you have the problems. Other causes such as overthinking and hearing some bad news suddenly may also cause panic attack problems.

When your body is in danger it activates your heart to beat faster. This happens because your body prepares itself to fight and cope with the situation. Therefore, it results in a faster heartbeat and breathing.

Symptoms of Panic attacks are the following:
A sudden feeling of anxiety and fear
The intensity of fear and anxiety would be very high
Pain in chest
Tightness in chest
Severe sweating
Trouble in breathing
Numbness or shaking
All these symptoms of panic attacks may come after 5-10 minutes of the attacks. The symptoms may vary from person to person, as not everyone’s intensity of panic attacks would be the same.

Why Do Panic Attacks Last This Long?

The panic attack issue is found majorly in women with mental stress disorders. It’s difficult to spot any particular cause of panic attacks, as it may come due to many reasons. The panic attacks stay for 20 minutes, as your body takes time to respond back to the panic attacks. The body takes some time to activate your fight-back actions.

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You can diagnose the problem of panic attacks at the early stage to prevent your body from repercussions. A physical check-up should be done to help diagnose the problem of panic attacks. You can go to an expert or professional to get a consultation about how to treat panic attacks. The doctor may ask you for doing some blood tests and some checkups.

The checkups include heart checkups and blood pressure level tests. You can treat panic attacks by taking the help of medicines and doctor consultation. Counselling and CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) will help in getting rid of panic attacks. People with panic attacks should try meditation and yogic exercises for improving brain functions.


Panic attacks would be very difficult for people with breathing problems. Preventing your body from panic attacks would be easier with good mental health. Mental health is vital for coping with panic disorders, as it affects your mind severely. People with heart problems should try to get the treatment done for panic attacks.

Panic attacks would entirely disturb your heart health to a huge extent. There are many counseling programs that help to cure panic attacks to some extent. Panic attacks are sometimes genetics that may not be cured easily.



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