How Long Does It Take To Get A Debit Card (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Debit Card (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 – 10 Days

Having a bank account has now become essential for almost every person. For withdrawing cash or for depositing one’s own money, bank accounts are necessary. In an era where everything is becoming cashless, bank transactions have become even more important than before. Due to the advent of tremendous changes in technology, today there are debit cards available that enable people to transact easily, in a hassle-free manner without taking out any actual cash from their bank account.

A debit card is an electronic instrument that is used to make payments by deducting money directly from the debit card holder’s bank account. Nowadays, majority of the people prefer using debit cards to make purchases in place of using cash for cash purchases.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Debit Card?

Usually for a person to get a debit card issued from a bank in the mail, it takes about 7 – 10 days. However, there might be some banks that offer debit cards in a comparatively shorter period like in 3 – 5 days in one’s mail. Nowadays, some banks provide debit cards to accounts holders as soon as they open a new account in their financial institution.

Thus, it can be said the time taken to receive the debit card will vary from institution to institution. Also, debit cards for new accounts create may arrive on varied timetables as formed by the given bank. Customers should get a brand new debit card for contactless payments in about five to ten business days, but this time frame can be highly variable depending on the institution.

One should not expect their debit card to start working as soon as one receives it in the mail. There is a procedure that needs to be followed to activate the debit when it has reached the intended user. This process is necessary as, if by chance, the debit card is delivered to some wrong address, the other person should not get access to use that misplaced debit card. Thus, after receiving the debit card, it needs to be activated by its true owner to make the debit card works it is supposed to.

BanksTime Taken To Get A Debit Card
Goldman Sachs7 – 10 days
Morgan Stanley5 – 7 days
Bank Of America4 – 6 days
American Express7 – 10 days

Why Does It Take So Long To Get A Debit Card?

Debit cards for old account holders as well as new account holders might reach them as per the varied timetable as specified by each of their financial institutions. There is no fixed time for getting the debit card but each institution tries its best to deliver it to its intended users as soon as possible. Thus, on average,7 – 10 days is taken as the time it takes for the debit card to reach its owner.

Customers should ideally receive their new contactless payment card i.e the debit card in about 10 business days. The timeframe for shipping the debit cards will vary from bank to bank as that is decided by the lender of the card. One should inquire about the delivery time while applying for the debit card in the bank.

Once the intended account holder receives his debit card, he should follow the steps and instructions for activating the card. For activation, one might need the activation code. One can easily activate the debit card by swiping it up at a bank ATM by entering one’s identification number, popularly known as PIN.

Whilst requesting a new debit card, one might be required to make an appointment with their bank to acquire a replacement card. Some banks may give a temporary replacement for a cost, though the person will be required to wait for the debit card to come in regular mail. In this case, the person will also be required to change their PIN by either resetting it online or in person or waiting for a new PIN to arrive in the mail, as per the bank’s policy


Debit cards look like credit cards which facilitates electronic, cashless, and contactless transaction in a hassle-free manner. Debit card users just need to swipe their debits cards to finalize their purchases and make payment by swiping the card and entering their unique PIN. People using debit cards should everywhen follow the security measure for safe electronic transactions.

One should ensure that the debit card does not fall into the wrong hands who can misuse it. Sensitive, personal information should never be given out over the phone or online. Also, one should never leave their PIN out in the open. It is advisable not to write down the PIN somewhere insecure. To ensure safe transactions and no frauds, examine one’s transactions frequently.



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