How Long Does State Tax Refund Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 To 45 Days

Money is a very important source in a human’s life to live a healthy and prosperous life. Money is not everything, but it’s still an important thing to be considered. Without it, one cannot fulfill the basic needs and requirements of daily routine.

Money is the only trustworthy and appropriate way of trade where businesses can thrive and consumers are saved from fraud and cheating. Money is guaranteed and backed by the government.

Money is collected in the form of tax which gives a better environment to live in. Each individual earning income is eligible to pay tax to the government. However, some states don’t have to give state taxes.

Alaska is the only state which has no state income tax and sales tax.

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How Long Does State Tax Refund Take?

ProcedureNumber Of Days
State tax refund30 to 45 days
Tax refund direct deposit10 to 14 days

Before money was invented, trading was done by the barter system, where one product or service was bought in exchange for another product. Due to modern technology, money was invented because the barter system didn’t figure out the needs of people, and they faced problems in the exchange of goods.

In the present world, every working individual earning income is liable for paying the taxes. In some developed countries, people can enjoy social security as well as medical facilities virtually without any cost by paying taxes.

There are three basic tax types- taxes on what one earns, taxes on what one buys, and taxes on what one owns. State governments collect taxes from three primary sources- income, sales, and property taxes.

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Income and sales tax forms the majority of the combined state tax revenue. Tax revenues fluctuate with the change in economic conditions and tax policies.

By definition, state taxes are the direct taxes levied by a state on one’s income. It is self-assessed, which means the taxpayer files require state tax returns. They are due every year, by April.

Some states have not introduced state income tax, so they don’t have to file state tax returns. Those states include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Washington, and some others.

After filing a tax, one can get a state tax refund via direct deposit. State and federal government agencies can also garnish one’s state tax refunds to pay down the debts. Individual or private creditors may not take the refund.

Why Does State Tax Refund Take That Long?

When the tax year comes, some people would be observing the checks in the mail from the IRS, and others would be sending the checks for tax. When someone sees money coming back, one might feel like the lucky ones, but that may not be the case.

The tax refunds can be helpful as well as not for some people. A tax refund is good as income rates have been low in some recent years, especially for short-term accounts.

It is helpful when one doesn’t trust himself to save the extra income that he gets from reducing the payroll income tax withholding. One can get the refund quickly by electronic filing or direct deposit, even if the tax filing season is slow for any reason.

Talking about the topic, state tax refunds nearly take 30 to 45 days. However, the amount of time it takes to refund varies from state to state and whether the return submitted is complete and accurate or not.

The date of receiving a tax refund depends on several factors, including how it is filed and when it is submitted. If it was sent by mail, it would take a longer time than if filed electronically.

Sometimes the tax refund is not received by the taxpayer. There can be some possible reasons such as an error,  past debts, or has been taken advantage of by a tax scammer.


Money is required to have a healthy and prosperous life. Taxes are given to the government every year so that they would fulfill the basic needs of the people. One could file a tax return and wait for the refund via direct deposit.

By giving taxes, the government also provides social security and all facilities to the citizens. The overall key is to know one’s self, one’s financial situation, and money management habits. These things make contributions to national growth and development.



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