How Long After Trial Is Divorce Final (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After six weeks to 12 months

Finalizing a divorce is not an easy and simple process. It is absolutely a time taking and a little complicated process. A lot of people are involved in this process and a lot of toil works out to get it finalized. Once the hearing of the divorce is initiated, one has to spend a lot of time in every hearing and normally it takes at least 6 weeks to a year for the final verdict.



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Although this is not an airtight timing or schedule, still the proceedings and the hearings make this time quite legit and natural. However, it is not necessary to spend this much time on these hearings, and a divorce can also get settled a month or so before that.

How Long After Trial Is Divorce Final

How Long After Trial Is Divorce Final?

Simpler Cases Gets Resolved Within4 to 6 weeks
Complicated Cases Lasts For6 months to 1 year

It is the judge who is the final one to get the divorce settled after the trials. As they say, every time and in every proceeding, the judge is always on trial. He or she has to decide to hear out all the trials and finalize the divorce. However, the final judgment in the divorce means a little different. Here it is the court that pens down in a formal and written form with a court order. This means that the whole marriage is dissolved.

Once the divorce is finalized after the many hearings, the court signs the order and the divorce decree. However, one does not receive this decree all of a sudden. In a normal manner, one gets its formal decree a few days later. Regularly it is seen to the party’s attorney and it only forwards a copy of the original one to the party. Although the decree gets received a few days after the divorce, the legal date of divorce is counted when the decree is signed officially.

These periods are diversified in different parts of the country. In California, the waiting period after the trial of the divorce is six months. Other cases, which are comparatively simpler, can often be resolved within a period of fewer than six months. But at the same time, complicated cases can ask up to several years to take a final call on the case.

Anyway, how much time it may take to finalize a divorce, one must never violate the rules which should be followed during a divorce. They include co-parenting the children, if one has any, or like, never try to thieve money or hide it or come out on each other with ferocious anger.

Why Is Divorce Final So Long After Trial?

As mentioned earlier, it is not as easy as it looks. Hence the complications follow the five stages of divorce. They may come as anger or denial, bargaining, depression, acceptance, division of mutual interest, or something like that. After the trial, these reasons can be some reasons which can increase the duration of the divorce final after the trials.

However, how many complications one may carry upon themselves, the final verdict by the judge is prioritized as the formal one. The final written judgment is signed and stamped by the court judge only. It is then filed by the court clerk and signifies that one is now officially divorced and is free to remarry or have any further relationships.

In most of the cases, the divorces are dragged after the trials also due to some known childish tactics. Some start avoiding the court paper for the service which easily takes more time for the hearing. Some fire their present or previous attorneys and hire the new ones, who take more time to study the case and reassemble it. In some cases, parties ignore calls and messages, along with mails. They create a lot of obstacles in between. For personal benefits, some parties also make false accusations against the opposition, which becomes harsh sometimes.

The case is also stretched for longer times when parties start demanding unreasonable demands. However, all these include a single cause as the epicenter, which is creating a fuss and putting the other party in discomfort, while they start taking this as some fun game. Therefore, these are the reasons why it takes this long after the trials to finalize the divorce and get it done in a few days or weeks.


It is never really an intellectual call to create unnecessary hiccups in between the trials or after the trials to finalize the divorce. At the end of the day, it is a couple of calls and by mutual understanding, it can get resolved within days. But when some people try to stretch the days unnecessarily, then the court and the other parties’ time just gets wasted in vain.

Nothing fruitful comes out of it and it is almost next to impossible to fulfill every other demand that one may make during these hearings. Hence, one must be reasonable and have a thorough thought process with this sensitive issue, and try to solve this within the least possible days.


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