How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 years

Learning sign languages would take time as people need to learn them step by step. Some students may learn the sign language in just 3 months while others may take 3 years. The type and length of the courses would make a huge impact on the time to learn sign language.

The capability of the student is a big condition to know how much time the student would take to learn the sign language. There are many tricks and techniques that the student would have to learn for understanding sign language. To become an expert in sign language, every student would take around 3 years.

Sign language is completely based on the movements of hands and the whole body. The type of lesson given to the student would influence the time taken by the students to learn sign language.

The students can go for both beginners and advanced sign language courses. The beginner’s courses are better for people who have no idea about sign language.


How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language?

Sign LanguageTime
In years3 years
In months36 months

The beginner classes are great for the students who are newly starting with sign language. The lessons in the beginner classes would be very simple and understandable. The intermediate classes would be quite tough for people who are not known to sign language before.

Everyone should try to choose the type of course after looking at all the requirements of them. The high-level course may bring more challenges to the students as they would have high-level grammar and sentences. People who are interested to learn sign language at home can try out some YouTube videos.

There are many online applications that would give easy lessons for learning sign language. The student in the lessons is supposed to follow the instructions given by the instructors to learn the signs. The physical classes are best for having a better understanding of sign language.

The online platforms would provide short-duration classes for the students, but in online platforms, the students may not learn properly. In the physical class, the student will be able to interact with the instructor which can help them learn the signs faster.

Some students have better learning skills than others and these students would be able to complete the course in a short time.

Why Does It Take This Long To Learn Sign Language?

To learn sign language people need to understand various concepts and body movements. Factors such as level of signs, the experience of the teacher, and the course would decide how long the student would take to learn the sign language. The student’s capability, learning style, and dedication would predict the sign language learning time.

Many students face difficulties in remembering sign language, which would be a big problem. If the student would be able to understand and remember all the sign language in very little time, then it would reduce the course length. Some courses have fixed class hours and lessons.

These courses would have a fixed time period for the students to learn sign language. If a student is going for private tuitions or classes to learn sign languages, then they may get some flexibility in it. Mainly, people who are deaf or find difficulty in hearing go for sign language learning classes.

There are both budget-friendly and expensive community schools providing the opportunity to learn sign language. The age of the student is another concern before predicting the time required for learning sign language.

The adults or older aged poeple will learn sign language faster than those under 18 years. There are many parents who sent their toddlers to learn sign language if their kids face problems in speaking.


The students who have good listening and understanding skills would complete the sign language course in 3 to 12 months. Those who struggle with remembering and learning the signs would take around 2 to 3 years for the course completion.

Any student who is weak at learning body movements may take around 3 years to learn correct signs. Everyone can do basic research about all the courses that the school is offering for sign language. Everyone should choose the course depending on the purpose of learning sign language.


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